Monday, November 9, 2015


So it's been a minute since I caught you up on my 34 things to do before I turn 35... It is a fun personal challenge that I made with myself to motivate myself further in my 34th year on this planet

I know... I know I'm brilliant (actually it was a former co-worker who did it first but I'll take the praise where I can get it)

So some of the things I wanted to do is 
1. was complete a 52 book reading challenge and if you have been keeping up with this blog you would know that as of this post I am 32 books into that with a month and a half to go! YEAH TEAM US! (catch up on that here)

2. I also challenged myself to get rid of 52 books from my shelves by either reading them and passing them along or by just removing them because I will never read them... well needless to say I've gotten rid of over 70 WHOOT who da man... er woman 

3. Picking up a new hobby like crocheting or knitting has not happened so boo 

4. Teaching myself Greek has not happened either

5. My 5 year journal went south somewhere in March LOL but eh at least it happened until then... I am putting other things on there so go check it out (here)

6. I did clean off my Kindle and got it under 600 books but then I found some wonderful new books so....

7. Reviewing more books well well well look whose been doing that until July... this gal right here! And will start again ASAP

8. Complete alphabet title reading challenge... well almost there have done 15 so far so... (you can see what I've done here)

9. Read 15 new to me authors... DONE BOOM BABY (check it out here)

10. Finish 3 series... yeah not going to happen!

11. Brush up on my ancient and medieval history whelp I read one book on it this year and got some audio books to listen to so still could happen

12. Complete another fast this year... yeah hasn't happened yet.

13. Finding a church to connect to also hasn't happened

14. Read the Bible completely through... nope

15. Finish up a few Bible studies this year... uh yeah didn't finish one so boo

16. Complete a nothing but religious music for 30 days challenge... nope not yet but still time.

17. Spiritual journal when reading the Bible... I have actually been doing this as I read so YEAH!!!

18. 7500 steps daily LOL not even close although I am at 5k a day except Sunday for some reason but I now have a reason (CHRIS FREAKING EVANS) in January so that may change by the end of this year. 

19. well I didn't do 18 so 19 can't happen...

20. I managed to go a full month with no soda but then I slipped back to drinking it and now I would like to keep this one and go back to no drinking drink... 

21. 3 days of some type of exercise sort of happens 1 day a week then nada...

22. THIS ONE HAS BEEN A SUCCESS for 6 out of 7 days taking meds so boom

23. Let's not go there with this one

24. NO spend month went semi good I managed to go 3 weeks. Will try it again though

25. Working on my debt is actually working pretty well for me

26. Started a savings account so yeah this is win win!!!

27. Paintings at IKEA didn't work out but I did get some from Etsy for my office so BOOM

28. Did not go to KC Planet Comic Con instead saved money like a smart person

29. Did not go to St. Louis Wizard World for the same reason only instead I went to Atlanta on a girls road trip to see friends and ended up having more fun SUCKERS (see post here)

30. Went to the Stargate Con and a Chicago Wizard World and Whew Wee had some fun!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (see post here)

31. Cruise vacation is not happening this year but is high, high, high on list next year baby

32. I did complete some TV shows this year that I have been wanting to (catch up on that here)

33. Finished my 100 days of happiness challenge (post is here with pictures) that was awesome!

34. Spent a lot of time with me Ma AKA Momma G 

And of course have been using my jar of proud moments to open up on NYE and will report on that later on. 

I still have time to finish some of these but this is my quick update!!!! So how about you guys have you completed any challenges? 

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