Monday, November 2, 2015

TV Shows I have been Watching and Completed!!

TV Shows Completed in 2015 ( I either started and finished the series, or just finished the series finally, or am finally caught up to the current episode of the series)

Broadchurch BBC version
Dr. Who through 10th dr
Eureka (finally saw season 5)
Xfiles thru season 5
Gilmore Girls (finally saw season 7)
Parenthood (waiting for season 6 on Netflix)
Death in Paradise (waiting for season 4 on Netflix)
Crossing Borders (waiting for season 3 to air on TV)
Killjoys (completely caught up new favorite show)
Once Upon A Time (caught up to the season)
Switched At Birth (just caught up can't wait for next season)
Pretty Little Liars (completely caught up and can't believe it)

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