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Review ~ Twilight's Dawn by Anne Bishop

TITLE: Twilight’s Dawn

AUTHOR: Anne Bishop
TYPE: fantasy
PAGES: 448
SERIES: yes book 9 in the series
1. Daughter of the Blood
2. Heir to the Shadows
3. Queen of the Darkness
4. Dreams Made Flesh
5. The Invisible Ring
6. Tangled Webs
7. The Shadow Queen
8. Shalador’s Lady
9. Twilight’s Dawn

I LOVE THIS SERIES so when this one came out I HAD TO HAVE IT.

SUMMARY (from Goodreads):
Anne Bishop's "darkly fascinating"* (SF Site) Black Jewel novels have enthralled readers and critics alike with their mixture of fantasy, intrigue, and romance. Now in Twilight's Dawn, Bishop returns to the Blood realm with four all-new captivating novellas

This has 4 different stories they start off sweet and gradually move darker toward the Black Jewel’s tone. A lot of people didn’t like how Ms. Bishop wrapped up the series with D and J but I have to say I think she did a fantastic job and I do not for any reason think the child D has is a replacement for J. Move on people and get over it.

- I liked getting yet another glimpse of the people I have grown to love in this series
- I thought all the stories were great the one with were D loses not only J but his dad nearly did me in I felt so bad for D~
- I liked watching L and his family growing I love, love, love that he had a daughter he needed one and so did M

- I admit it I’m very sorry that this series is coming to an end I do not have any idea if this was the last one but I have a feeling it was and I will greatly miss this series.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
Keeping I have collected as many of these as I can in Hardcover

Would you recommend this book?
I would but you HAVE to read the first 3 if not all of them but 7 and 8 to understand what is going on in these short stories.

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  1. I LOVE this series... I have yet to read Twilight's Dawn, but I look forward to it. I'm sad to see all the changes you describe, as I haven't read it yet. Sometimes you read a good yarn and, although you don't want these changes, you know the story is all the better for it...

  2. Nanu: I was sad to see it coming to an end but it was a bitter sweet end. I'm glad how she did it but secretly I wish she will continue with this series but only with the children LOL I think that could be fun. Could you imagine the kids of L's all grown up LOL


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