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My Favorite Things Week 21 Episode 35

Wow folks so sorry it's been 3 solid weeks since I've been gone now and I apologize for missing so much but life happens sometimes and in that 3 weeks I have had a friend from Chicago come down for quick visit (1 week) stopped my job, started a new job, MY ROYALS won our division and yours truly went to some post games and well in between all that worked the old job and new job. So yeah things went a bit wibbly wobbly

So my bad hopefully this will be the last time that something major happens like that... *knock on wood* any who we are back to week 21 episode 35 so YEAH!!! 

This week in NERD news...
For the second year in a row the Kansas City Royals have won the AL Central Division and well we are flying high. Right now (when I am writing and recording this) we are in the playoffs for the world series and playing against the Toronto Bluejays. Yours truly went to game 2 of the playoffs and watched us win (we are officially known as the comeback kids b/c it didn't look like were were going to win until the bottom of the 7th and finally we managed to get 6 runs in). Needless to say  it was a nail biter

Thankfully the game was on a Saturday night b/c it literally took 52 minutes to get out of the parking situation at the K and then another 45 to get back home. Yes I am that dedicated to my Royals! Also it was a hell of a game and a rare opportunity to go so I was super duper psyched to be invited!

So fingers crossed we will keep this winning streak alive and get into the world series again. This time taking the crown! #ForeverRoyal #LetsgoRoyals

On a personal note as you saw above the last 3 weeks have been crazy. I was hired at a new job that just started last week so been in training. Stopped my other job and had a massive amount of things to do to close that out on a good happy note. Had a wonderful friend/sis come and visit from Chicago which gave me a chance to show off my fantastic city and she got to experience some awesomeness known as KC (more details in a minute) through all that I have been house shopping, packing up, and cleaning the old house so LOTS going on in this household!

Some things we found in KC that Momma G and Court got to do were: 
Negro Baseball muesum
Jazz Muesum
Kansas City Power and Light district
Nelson Art Gallery
Crown Center
Louisberg's Cider Fest
and of course our famous food we took her to places like:
Jack Stack
Flying Saucer (beer place)
Strouts Chicken
Bo Lings

Next time we will for sure hit up KC Masterpiece and Oklahoma Joes (now KC Joes) also we will visit the Green Lady if it kills me (she will get the inside joke) and one day I will share it with the rest of you  >_<

more X-Files I am actually up to season 4 which is just bananas yo 

Favorite episodes of Season 2
Episode 3 "Blood" was a good one - Prompted by messages from digital appliances with instructions to kill, several residents of a small farming community suddenly turn violent and dangerous. It was about hidden messages in commercials and other things we watch. I have to admit it took me a minute to remember that this was pre 2015 and that we really thought this and it is probably true. It was an episode that made you think. It also had people committing random acts of terror and how does the FBI and local police handle it. Including the final scene of a man in a bell tower sniping people. 

Episode 5 & 6 were very important to the mythology of this show from what I can tell the episodes were called "Duane Berry" and "Ascension" basically in "Duane Berry" is an ex-FBI agent escapes from a mental hospital and holds several people hostage in a travel agency. Mulder and Krycek (new partner since the Xfiles have been broken up and Scully is no longer working with Mulder) are sent in to help with the negotiations since the man claims to have been a UFO abductee. In "Ascension" it is a continuation of the first one, Mulder races to Scully's house after listening to the recording of her attack on his answering machine. Duane Barry has kidnapped Scully, determined to offer her to the aliens in his place. Mulder goes to great lengths to attempt to locate Scully. In this episode Scully is kidnapped by aliens is what we are led to believe. 
So it was a very interesting and intense episode especially watching Mulder try to find and locate Scully and figure what the heck is happening. Episode 8 "One Breathe" has Scully returning mysteriously and Mulder going on the warpath also a good one. 

Episode 20 "Humbug" was a different one for me but I can see how people really liked it. It actually took me 2 watching to be like okay it's okay. It's about Mulder and Scully must find the paranormal among the abnormal when they are sent to investigate a long standing series of ritualistic killings which match no known patterns. The latest of which was the death of the "Alligator Man", just one of many sideshow acts around which the town of Gibsonton, Florida, is built.

and of course Episode 24 (Season finale) was fantastic "Anasazi" The trust that Mulder and Scully have is sorely tested when Mulder begins acting strangely. His aberrant behavior is compounded when the Lone Gunmen direct him to a hacker who managed to break into some very closely guarded files. The files are encrypted in Navajo and need to be decoded by a former Navajo code talker.

Favorite episodes of Season 3
Which then leads us to Episode 1 of season 3 b/c "The Blessing Way" which is the continuation of the "Anasazi" from Season 2. The Cigarette Smoking Man works quickly to recover the stolen computer files, but finds himself thwarted by a man who he hoped was dead. Meanwhile, Scully finds herself at a loss for her next step and turns to her family for support, since Mulder is otherwise engaged fighting for survival.

 Episode 4 "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" was actually really sad, touching, and at the same time funny if that makes sense. Skeptical of a famous psychic's predictions regarding the murder of several prognosticators, Mulder instead finds someone who he believes truly can predict the future. Catching the killer could prove difficult, though, particularly if the murderer can also see into his future. 

Episodes 9 & 10 tie into Episodes 5 & 6 of Season 2 "Nisei" and "731" start off innocent enough and yet lead us to a group of women who know Scully from her "abduction" Nisei - A mail order videotape of an alien autopsy blossoms into a much more complicated investigation when Mulder and Scully find the distributor of the tape murdered in his own home apparently by a high-ranking Japanese diplomat. While Mulder's search for the video leads him to a train car, Scully investigates a Mutual UFO Network group and discovers several women who claim to know her. "731" - Mulder is trapped on a train carriage that could be wired with a bomb, according to a killer who claims to be an NSA agent. Meanwhile, Scully digs deeper into the mystery surrounding her abduction.

Episode 20 "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" is a little different and takes a minute to get into the flow of things. It's about an author writing a story and his version of how things are going. When a couple claims to have been abducted by aliens, Agents Mulder and Scully try to get at the truth but everyone has a different version of the story, including the "aliens" themselves.

Episode 22 "Quagmire" is actually a cute, semi-scary funny one that shows some bonding between Scully and Mulder and her poor puppy. When a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances are reported near a lake in a small town, Agents Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate. With local folklore of a killer sea serpent running rampant amongst the locals, the agents must take their search for the truth to the water.

Favorite episodes of Season 4
I have only just started this season so I have only managed to watch 22 which means I am almost done LOL so far my favorites have been: 
Episode: 7 "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" Mulder, Scully and Byers meet with Frohike, where he details what may have been Cigarette Smoking Man's real life. This sadly only made me feel sorry for the man and I actually didn't want to but my goodness this was a rough one to watch. 

Episode 10 "Paper hearts" was a very good one and showed us a life before the Xfiles that Mulder dealt with and also that he is human and scared about his sister. Agent Mulder is haunted by an old case in which young girls were killed and hearts cut from their nightgowns. Soon Mulder becomes suspicious when the killer taunts him with the idea that one of his victims may have been Samantha.

Episode 12 "Leonard Betts" wasn't a favorite but it is important for the story line and mythology of Scully and the Xfiles The disappearance of a man's body from a hospital morgue leads Mulder and Scully to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the man's death. However, for Scully it will lead to a horrifying revelation.

Episode 20 "Small Potatoes" was actually kind of funny A small town is "blessed" by babies being born with tails. Mulder and Scully arrive only to encounter a suspect who proves nearly impossible to identify.

Also been reviewing a few fall TV shows such as Minority Report which you can catch up on here 
and Scream Queens here 


So this last week I was fortunate enough thanks to phantom events to see Benedict Cumberbatch live in Hamlet in movie theaters here in the US... Needless to say there are not enough words in the human language to describe to you  how fantastic of a production this one. I really enjoyed it and highly suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to see it should. Benedict and the whole entire crew did a fantastic job of this rendition and it is by far one of my favorite versions of the play. Definitely worth seeing in the theater if you can if not the moment it hits DVD pick it up!

This week I chose: Immune by Groenland (also I picked the lyrics b/c I think that its important to understand what the song is saying verses the beat this time)

The next song I picked is... 
Stare into the Light by Dear Frederic (I learned of this song from the show Kill joys which is an awesome show and got renewed. Also I love learning about new songs and bands from show I heart)

Here's the clip from the show where the song was featured. No spoilers per say...

Okay enough of that moving on...

This week's favorite book is: 
TITLE: The Fault In Our Stars
AUTHOR: John Green
RELEASE: 1/2012
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

curse you for writing such an emotional book that I had to stay up till 3am to read. crying my eyes out the entire damn time UGH
needless to say full review later once I collect myself
Wow I have no idea where I should begin with this story. Holy cow and crap my gosh it is an emotional roller coaster. That one will have to finish in one setting so starting it at 10pm before bed is a really, really bad idea b/c you have to finish it. I also understand how a lot of adults can’t handle this book b/c they believe the teens are wise beyond their years. And I get that. I think what wrapped me up and wouldn’t let me go was the way the characters accepted death. Adult or child some people are just those people who can accept that nothing is going to change and be okay with it. 
Others can’t handle it. While reading this book I found that I was crying during it and yet forgetting that these were teens. Would it have made it sadder yes but to be honest it was sad enough without having to remember that they were only teenagers. What hooked me was the depth of the characters to think this wisely during a time of mourning and death. 
It is hard to image that someone so young can be so wise but then again if you had nothing to do all day but watch Top Model and sleep and contemplate your death don’t you think you would pick up a book or attempt to sharpen your mind? Then again I don’t doubt that it might be too much to ask of a teenager. 
I did want to have more angst (if that is even possible) more this isn’t fair life sucks. But then again Hazel’s had this for a while folks so she might have already done the sucks life isn’t fair and I’m done crap. 
Needless to say I have learned during my numerous years of reading to just sit back and enjoy the book. Not to over analysis it or look too deeply. This book is beautifully written about 2 people who have all the odds stacked against them and how they deal with an unfair draw. They didn’t roll over and die they fought in the way they knew how to best. It may work for you or it might be an eye roll book for you. All I know is that when I read this book it worked for me at that moment in time who’s to say in a week it would be the same.

This week we are going to get a 2-fer b/c I have watched so much freaking X-files so this week you get both 
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as your favorite Actor and Actress of the week! Mainly b/c I have grown to LOVE me some Mulder and Scully Enjoy!!!

That's it for me folks this week its been real thanks for joining me for yet another awesome week on my favorites. As always I would love to hear from you on what you thought about this week, as well as, what some of  your favorite things are. Please feel free to leave a comment on some of your favorite items here below or come over to Twitter and let me know your thoughts. You can also join me on the dark side at Tumblr or over at Podbean where I record the podcast at. Until next time stay safe and enjoy the weekend!

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