Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Album Review ~ Under My Skin by Ben L'Oncle Soul

Artist: Ben L'Oncle Soul
Album: Under My Skin

Released: 2016

1. A Very Good Year
2. All The Way
3. Fly Me To The Moon
4. The Good Life
5. Moonlight Serenade
6. I love Paris
7. My Way
8. New York, New York
9. The Way You Look Tonight
10. I've Got You Under My Skin
11. Witchcraft

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Price: $9.49

Thoughts of Album:
This album obviously just from the name of the tracks is a throw back to old blue eyes of Sinatra, but what I love is Ben has made it his own. The words are there you recognize them for what they are and yet they are uniquely Ben's. I don't feel that once again I am getting Frank Sinatra redone and thrown back in my face the same old way again. I am getting a little of unique Ben and his interpretation of the how he feel Fly Me to the Moon, New York New York and Witchcraft should be done. Ben has his own flavor which makes everything on this album unique and fun. I enjoy listening to it getting ready for work as well as coming home and cooking dinner. Ben has a unique voice yet at the same time I feel that he could totally jam with Ottis Redding and fit right in there as well. I like the mix of modern and yet I could feel at home in a jazz club doing what I need to with wine to relax. Everything about this album just flows together. Never once did I feel jarred out of place wondering where does that song fit in or how did they think that worked. If you are feeling like you want more Ben check out his original album it has both English and French you can get it on Amazon here it is my ABSOLUTE favorite album of his and I play it all the time. 

Favorite Track(s)
1. Fly Me To the Moon
2. The Way You Look Tonight

Grade: A

Would you recommend: I would highly recommend anything this man does and any of his albums are worth it. This is just his latest one released. 

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