Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Album Review ~ Pain Killer by Little Big Town

This Week I'm reviewing

Title: Pain Killer
Artist: Little Big Town
Released: 10/21/2014
1. Quit Breaking Up With Me
2. Day Drinking
3. Tumble and Fall
4. Pain Killer
5. Girl Crush
6. Faster Gun
7. Good People
8. Stay All Night
9. Save Your Sin
10. Live Forever
11. Things You Don't Think About 
12. Turn the Lights On
13. Silver and Gold 

Bought From: Itunes 
Price: 11.99

Summary about Album: 
7th album by the group that is still together and that is saying something. They are a country group so maybe that's the difference I'm not sure. They for sure go for more of the pop and faster beats in this album just like they did in the last album. They have the harmonics which makes this foursome a killer in the country industry. 

Overall Personal Thoughts: 
Just like with Tornado the group has stuck with more of the pop center music and less of the country harmonics that I came to know them from with their 2nd album The Road To Here which is sad a little because I love that album and still to this day is my favorite by them. It's the one that I tend to over play on my Ipod. Don't get me wrong this is still one of the strong country bands that I go to when I want some country but the more albums they put out it feels less and less like country. That being said I still buy their albums. Their songs that are the most popular are Girl Crush (which are still playing hard core on the stations and Day Drinking) both of which have more of their country background to them. I happen to like Good People which has more of the country beat and accents that I crave and know the band from (could just be me as well as the lyrics). I think even the main album's title song Pain Killer isn't that popular due to the fact that it's more of the country vibe with a twist and when they went more pop with Girl crush people just latched on to it which is sad. Anyway I'll let you decide which why they have a little bit for every right?

Favorite Tracks: Good People and Pain Killer (and I'll admit I do like Girl Crush just a bit)
Grade: B not their best album doesn't come close to The Road to Here but still a Little Big Town album so a must buy b/c I heart the band
Would I recommend: Sure I do love this band and thus far they haven't put out something that is completely way off. Plus all their music is fun to listen to. 

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