Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Album Review ~ Leon Bridges

Artist: Leon Bridges
Title of Album: Coming Home

Released: 2015

1. Coming Home
2. Better Man
3. Brown Skin Girl
4. Smooth Sailin'
5. Shine
6. Lisa Sawyer 
7. Flowers
8. Pull Away
9. Twistin' & Groovin'
10. River

Bought from: Amazon vinyl
Price: 18.99

Thoughts on Album:
Man where to begin with this album... It is absolutely amazing. He reminds me of Mo-town meets modern day soul. Put James Brown, Usher (slow jams), Nat King Cole and John Coltrane together with just a sprinkle of Little Richie and you go you some Leon Bridges in my mind. His lyrics have the meaning they are near and dear to his heart. They are his story (they may or not be true he makes them sound as a part of his history) his beat makes you want to dance and boy when you see him live he dances like James Brown. He has a live band reminiscence of the big band music of Little Richie and James Brown. I actually turned to my friend and said, "No wonder he's so skinny he straight up won't stop moving". He makes you want to wear poka-dot dresses and pearls again while twistin' & groovin to his songs. Whenever I have a hard day at work I come home pour some wine and just groove to Leon Bridges.  

Favorite Track(s):
This is one of the hardest albums to figure out a favorite on because I absolutely love all the tracks
Coming Home - is one of my favorites and seriously when I say that it is saying something. 
Better Man - makes you wish you had a man like Leon who wants to be the better man for you who would swim the Mississippi River to get another shot with you
Brown Skin Girl - makes you want to go buy a pok-a-dress just to be noticed :)
Seriously there isn't a track on this album I don't care for 

Grade: A+

Would Recommend: Yes and I have over and over and over and over. Great album highly recommend either on amazon or itunes or vinyl which is saying something

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