Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Ramblings

Whew I've been gone for a hawt minute haven't I? Lawd sorry about that... Needless to say I've been a busy busy gal. I have started a new program at work and have gotten that off the ground. I just took a new position at work so will be changing that soon. I also have been moving things personally but nothing too major other then work stuff. My computer crashed which FYI never fun so it's been trying to figure that out. Lots of stress but learning how to process stress and self-care. I  have been reading which is always a great thing especially for a reading blog LOL! I have been using the Libby app a lot which is a happy happy thing for me.

I also have been watching a lot of movies and listening to a lot of music so that's good now to take the time and catch up with writing my thoughts down for this lovely site! I also am certain I have lost a lot of followers simply because of my lack of interacting and writing which is okay but alas I just don't have the energy to try to build it back up so I am just going to keep doing this for me I think. I also think that will help me with only publishing things that I want to publish instead of feeling obligated to publish everything that I read. So I also think that will help me.

So I am really hoping that I can keep this up better now without the pressure of before. So longer story short I am back for awhile!

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