Friday, February 3, 2017

Review ~ The Paper Magician By Charlie N Holmberg

Title: The Paper Magician
Author: Charlie N Holmberg
Copyright: 2014
Type: fantasy/romance
Pages: 224
Series: Yes (The Paper Magician Trilogy)

Reason for Reading:
Come on magicians who use paper what else could be more exciting. Like how do they do it? What's it going to be about?

Ceony Twill arrives at the cottage of Magician Emery Thane with a broken heart. Having graduated at the top of her class from the Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined, Ceony is assigned an apprenticeship in paper magic despite her dreams of bespelling metal. And once she’s bonded to paper, that will be her only magic… forever.

Yet the spells Ceony learns under the strange yet kind Thane turn out to be more marvelous than she could have ever imagined — animating paper creatures, bringing stories to life via ghostly images, even reading fortunes. But as she discovers these wonders, Ceony also learns of the extraordinary dangers of forbidden magic.

An Excisioner — a practitioner of dark, flesh magic — invades the cottage and rips Thane’s heart from his chest. To save her teacher’s life, Ceony must face the evil magician and embark on an unbelievable adventure that will take her into the chambers of Thane’s still-beating heart—and reveal the very soul of the man.

This one started out so well only to fall apart half way through for me. In fact the moment the excisioner came in I was like deuces I don't buy it. This girl can only make paper birds and frogs but by God she is going to save Thane who she feels strongly for because he paid for her schooling and who else is going to teacher her to make snowflakes out of paper. After she had been a whiny and complete ass about the whole bonding with paper thing. Then you put her in the actual heart... what the actual fracking hell while chasing her through it to give her time to defeat you and save the day. NO I don't buy it. I still don't buy it and it irritated the crap out of me. So I stopped and didn't read the parts that made my eyes roll so hard I might cause myself to have a seizure and instead skipped around here and there through the rest of the book to find parts that make sense. I didn't find many and I still have no idea who a person who controls paper beat someone who can rip out hearts so that's all

Grade: 1 star out of 5

Would I recommend: No 

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