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Minority Report S1 E1 Review

Minority Report S1 E1 - Spoiler Review

Keep in mind this post has SPOILERS so don't listen or read if you don't want spoilers and if you did read or listen you were warned.

Let's begin here's the show notes if you just want to read:

Children of drug addicts – brain dead how is the daughter oldest?
The pre-cognitive = pre-crime program they saw the murders before they happened so those people were then locked up.--> basically a quick 2 minute update for those of us who haven’t seen the movie – rare I know but a quick one

Flash to a  bar… so they don’t watch them once they ended the program that seems a little odd to me?  Then a very violent seizure like a thing the show is doing to just make sure us the viewers know he’s having a vision (Vision Time)

They try to show us how to catch a train in the future  and what the train ride will be like -->  Also unrelated funny side note they are advertising baked goods so that lets me know that this broadcast things marijuana will be legal in the future LOL
-->Oooh cool the train detaches so that would totally suck if you got on the wrong cart and it went left and you were like crap on a cracker I meant to get on the 3rd cart b/c I needed to go right LOL I would totally be screwed…. But the train thing is cool and flying space ships also cool

Problem with the plan... Oh I see your great plan was to rush in with a fire extinguisher and hope you could clink the “killer” over the head with it by sheer shock while you were screaming? Thank god you entered the wrong building and everyone is doing some form of calming exercise with virtual reality (which is weird why do you need the glasses to do Ti Chi I mean really? The room looks calming enough plus why didn’t they hear a man screaming in their room? They don’t have ear plugs in? I would be ripping off my glassing going WTF man?) Although I think every person in that room could kick your ass

Opening  Title

Woman putting in ear buds and a contact that reminds me of Rogue Nation and the printing problem with Jeremy Renner (yes I went there) some lady is droning in the background.

There's hand motions y'all that goes with technology that I can’t wait until we can do this in real life wave our hands in the air (like we just do not care home quote for anyone who watched that film) and get computer screens to pop up b/c we put in a contact this is the technology I am waiting for. Of course I will be 60 and complaining about it but eh I can’t wait!

Police procedure part of show... and how we wish it were different like in pre-crime time.. "we just mop it up"

Crack head moment which wasn't a crack head moment thanks - Nikki for clearing that up

Field trip -To watch 3 kids act a fool. But I have to admit the technology is super cool and yet kids are still using it to take selfies good to know things don’t change in the future. Awesome

Cop is actually paying attention - also we learn that you couldn’t defend yourself so why are you trying to fight crime. Superhero you are not

Dang police are scary in the future why are they so scary and well trained if they are not dealing with crime me wonders? Superfast speed lines and dropping in with rolling with super cool moves and yet… they can’t stop him from killing himself (see below)

Finally learn name of the boy is Dash 16 minutes later we learn his name is Dash Good Geez that took forever. Also WHY IS SHE SO MUCH OLDER THEN THE OTHERS?

So one good thing about the future is a) you can apparently find anyone just by seeing them in a subway station and poof magically you can find them in a dinner even when they are off grid (no I don’t buy it) and 2) fries are healthy (also don’t buy it)
So why are his visions so violent?

So then they go to a facility that houses the people Dash and his siblings put behind bars for pre-crime and he remembers them interesting. She is not very empathic at all. I do love that Dash has no social skills.  She is all about using his gift but I don’t think in a bad way.

Then he gets caught looking at her in a bikini before mom bust him and why does she mention Tinder? And that’s how I meant your father (no one meets a long term lover/husband on Tinder now baby daddy I get). Trouble by Iggy is an old song then that made me laugh I seriously doubt anyone will buy that on album in vinyl to play in the future as a “classic”. They explain past a little with this... 14 they started the milk baths which don’t sound nearly as relaxing as the milk baths I take at the spa… ah then he stayed there until 24 as well so not a teenager when they were released so how old is this freaking person cause he doesn’t look a day over 24. How long since this program had been terminated? I am very confused on this moment they really need to give us a better timeline for this show.  

The procogs couldn’t see the future the same way – so the future isn’t set in stone and those were filed in Minority Reports (hence the titled of the TV show) I like this I hope they focus on this further. They seemed to brush past this though very quickly and it took 43 minutes to get to it. Seems rather important to the whole program

Interaction between brothers was a little cute. "Dash was afraid to come out, Finally had some peace and quiet." Okay that was funny and I get it definitely something that is amusing - finally
So basically Arthur is a Dick who charges his twin money or a favor in order to give him a name to protect other people. Yeah he’s the person you wanna rush to. And if you are going to use him as a let’s save this episode plot device every time this is going to get old real quick.

Anyway I thought it was an okay beginning that needs some work but I am hooked enough to see where they are going. I am curious to see is this going to be like a monster of the week kind of show or is it going to be something that can be turned into other things? I want to see what the main arch is going to be and where they can go for 23 episodes.
Also it did make me want to watch the movie so bully for them!

Anyway what did you guys think of it? Did you like it? Hate it? Send your thoughts both positive and negative my direction would love to hear from you over at Twitter or at Podbean or here on the reading blog! Until next week!

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