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My Favorite Things ~ Week 20 Episode 34

Well hello everyone we are back for Week 20 Episode 34 of My Favorite Things and lookie lookie whose on time for the first time in a while. This girl right here and the crowd goes wild (well the imaginary crowd that I am talking to whist I do this podcast at least). Yeah team Sara whoot whoot so while riding on that high let's move forward shall we...

Podcasting which is what we do here right? Sort of but I love me some podcast so I have gotten into a bad habit of listening to other podcast to

Out of the Blue
The Nerd Machine: Picking Favorites
ONCE - unofficial podcast for Once Upon A Time
Drunken Dork Podcast
Bakerstreet Babes - Their podcasts cover everything from decades-old fandom discussions to Sherlock TV fan events, and have developed a dedicated following of their own. They've even published a book: The One Fixed Point In A Changing AgeEssays on Sherlockiana By Online Fandom.
X-Plain the X-Men - Longtime comic book fans Rachel and Miles discuss the delightfully convoluted history of the X-Men, in a way that is equally interesting for experts and total newbies alike.
Nerdist Podcast - This is the biggest podcast on the list, attracting celebrities like Joss Whedon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Gillian Anderson, and William Shatner, along with well-known screenwriters, comedians, and comic book creators. The format is like a casual talk show hosted by the Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, and episodes can often be more than an hour long.
Cosmic Potato Network

These are the weekly ones I listen to if they put out weekly sometimes I binge and catch up over the weekend.

There are other nerdy sights I go to find out if I want to watch a movie or read a comic book or book in general and they are related to the sights above like:
Wayward Nerd
The Nerd Machine
Book Smugglers
Nerd Bastard
Geek and Sundry
Comic Book -  Comic Booked is right up there with the best of them. Don’t be fooled by the name – they’re not just comic book readers but podcasters, gamers and massive toy fans too
The Mary Sue -  The Mary Sue can be absolutely hilarious.  It’s essentially a site with tonnes of really cool, funny, intelligent writers 

Awesome sites that are full of wonderful news, updates, fun gaming, thoughts, insights, and reviews. This is where this girl goes weekly sometimes daily and for sure monthly just to check in to feel nerdy and up to date for when I need to feel in the know. So I go to the above sights instantly to get the must know nerd news instantly. To catch up and just sound smart for the week.

I don't usually push a lot of beauty products on here b/c one I don't do a lot of beauty products *coughbullshitcough* but I found Sally Hensen's Miracle Gel polish and I swear my life has changed. Can I get an Hallelujah

First off I never ever ever do my nails... until now. EVER freaking pay check I am getting a different color. I am doing an ACCENT nail y'all what the what?

So I managed this last week to go nuts and buy 4 colors... I know What the what Walter makes no sense but why not I say so


So there you have it... Yes I may be going a little crazy with this crazy but you don't need a light to have them dry and they have been lasting longer than a week I just want to change colors faster than the week last if that makes sense and those of you out there that do your nails you know it does. Now the color combos I like I make sure to keep on for 2 weeks. Like the other day I did the grey for all but my accent colors and did the teal for my accent it was so cute. I also have a nude, gold and black. I did the nude and gold (gold accent) and it was super cute
These are not my nails but this is what I did and it was awesome! I loved it and got loads of compliments on it. So if you want to do your nails but hate that they chip in like a week this solved my problem.

I am working my way through Xfiles (the truth is out there)
I am a little late to the game I grant you like 20 years or so LOL but I am still doing it. I managed to watch all of season 1 and am now working my way through season 2
Favorite episodes of season 1
Born Again After a detective and his former partner die in unexplained circumstances, the accidents are linked to a little girl who witnessed both deaths and Mulder believes that she may be the reincarnation of a policeman murdered by his colleagues. 
Roland Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders in Mahan Propulsion Laboratory as a team of scientists die one by one and the only suspect is a mentally handicapped cleaner named Roland.
were the 2 episodes that kept me glued to the screen and made me want to see where they were going to go and then the next thing I knew it was the end of season 1 LOL figures. I have no idea why these 2 were the ones but after watching them I was like oh this show is good. I did like Eve - When two fathers on opposite sides of the country are inexplicably murdered at exactly the same time in exactly the same way, Mulder and Scully find that their eight-year-old daughters are perfect twins (Erika and Sabrina Krievins) and were created in order to continue The Litchfield Experiment, a eugenics project of the 1950s which produced cloned boys named Adam and girls named Eve who have heightened strength and intelligence, but are prone to psychotic behavior
But for me it was a little too much and I enjoyed how Squeeze (episode 3) and Tooms (episode 21) tied into each other and how Deep Throat is sprinkled in throughout that was fun. I do have to say the writing really did pick up the latter half of season 1 and carries into season 2 as I am watching season 2 now and finding it harder to walk away from episodes. Definitely glad I am watching this.

Also I am watching Heroes 

I think we are on episode 8 and by doing the re-watch it is reminding me how long this show takes to build up to the main point of "save the cheerleader, save the world" plus I am watching it with Ma who doesn't have the nerd background that I do and is already bored LOL. She doesn't like certain characters and is finding parts of the story-line hard to follow which is then making it hard for me to not get annoyed b/c it is a re-watch for me. So far my favorite episode has been Episode 7 "Nothing to Hide"
Matt works with the FBI to identify Sylar. They interrogate Ted Sprague, who can emit radiation. Parkman, by telepathy, accidentally finds out that his wife is cheating on him. Micah Sanders is revealed to have the power of technopathy which means he can fix anything technology related.
I liked this episode b/c Matt is growing finally into his own. Nikki stops being so whinny and is accepting help from her other half which still hasn't been explained. It shows us that Micah is super smart and why and that he knows Nikki is different. We learn that there are numerous other Heroes but thank God they all don't have to have a freaking story-line on this show like it felt like we were going to get there for a minute. And Claire's brother does something good by her and Claire shows so human emotions like fear. 

Other than that fall TV has not started yet so nothing new to report on that end of things.

I really need to do a movie recap podcast to catch you guys up on what I have watched and my spoiler alert thoughts.... meanwhile I haven't really watched a movie but tomorrow is Ma's bday and she wants to celebrate by going to the movies. So yeah!

Oh I might trick ya and since I got this done on time put a podcast with in a podcast now what suckers... wait can I do that? hummmmmm

I am going to go with...
All the Lines by Fleuire I could not find an official music video on YouTube so I had to go with this one. No copyright intended.

I wanted some upbeat music after that so I went with
Shake the Room by Gamu

This song always makes me want to dance
Plus did you guys know there was a line dance to it? I may have to check that out at some point... mind you not today but at some point... anyway

This week's book is going to be

TITLE: Changes
AUTHOR: Jim Butcher

But let's be honest this is book 11 if you haven't read up to this book skip this whole section or just ignore this if you have but haven't gotten to this book people come on it was released 5 years ago I mean when do we stop with the warnings about spoilers.... just saying.

Long ago, Susan Rodriguez was Harry Dresden's lover—until she was attacked by his enemies, leaving her torn between her own humanity and the bloodlust of the vampiric Red Court. Susan then disappeared to South America, where she could fight both her savage gift and those who cursed her with it.

Now Arianna Ortega, Duchess of the Red Court, has discovered a secret Susan has long kept, and she plans to use it—against Harry. To prevail this time, he may have no choice but to embrace the raging fury of his own untapped dark power. Because Harry's not fighting to save the world...

He's fighting to save his child

Hello I forgot how freaking INTENSE this book was my goodness...
Okay I have to say that while White Knight is by far my  favorite book that I have read up until Cold Days this one is just wow. I have been listening to Book 1 Storm Front and this one side by side (one in the car and one on my phone) and I can tell a massive difference in writing skills from the two 10 fold. The writing here is crisp, on point, exciting, and jammed pack with action from the moment Susan calls to the moment it ends. I have to admit this is the book that I was like HOLY CRAP where can they go with it from here. It is amazing to see how much Harry has changed and learned. Yet at the same time is still the same Harry. Then again the length he will go to save his daughter nearly broke my heart. This book ends on such a cliff hanger that I wanted to rip my hair out begging for  more and it reminded me of when I first read this book in 2010 and how upset I was that I had to wait another WHOLE FREAKING YEAR to see how the cliff hanger ended OMG seriously. Thankfully the library was waiting for me and I could grab the next in the collection. I have to put a warning here. If you have not read the whole series you need to while this book could stand alone and Mr. Butcher has done a good job of it a lot of the story lines tie in from other books. Mr. Butcher is excellent at using lines and characters from all of his previous 11 books to help this one tie into the over all picture and story arc of Harry Dresden. 


The main problem with audio books is the fact that someone is reading them to me and they don’t move as fast as I would like. So that resulted in many a times where either I drifted off or rolled my eyes like, “come on man speed it up.”
That being said the reader James Marsters does a fantastic job when reading. His voices of the different characters especially the women were disconcerting at times and yet still done with a masterful flare.

Mr. Marsters did a fantastic job with the influx of the voice and when Harry yelled James did and when Harry whispered so did James.
His voices were so good I found times when I actually didn’t realize there were not separate voices in the story. I began to look forward to what Butters, Susan and Harry sounded like. Each character was done in such a way I could distinguish between who was talking without clarification.
The story was interesting in its own right but with Mr. Marsters it was heightened in the right amount at the right times. I found myself tensing when I should and sad when I knew that others were. I almost got to the point when Mr. Marsters mentioned someone tilted their head I found I was doing the same thing.
Very good book read by a very talented man who seemed to understand the character.

So this week I am going to go with my main squeeze Brett Dalton from Shield (Agents of) why IDK other than I met him a few weeks back and I think it's his time to shine so there you go also he was super uber nice and I just heart him now... and if that makes me bad I don't really care hail ward?! you can follow Mr. Dalton over at Twitter at @IMBrettDalton and over and IMDB here





That's it for me folks this week its been real thanks for joining me for yet another awesome week on my favorites. As always I would love to hear from you on what you thought about this week, as well as, what some of  your favorite things are. Please feel free to leave a comment on some of your favorite items here below or come over to Twitter and let me know your thoughts. You can also join me on the dark side at Tumblr or over at Podbean where I record the podcast at. Until next time stay safe and enjoy the weekend!

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