Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Album Review ~ My One and Only Thrill by Melody Gardot

This week I am reviewing

Title: My One and Only Thrill
Artist: Melody Gardot
Released: 4/28/2009
1. Baby I'm A Fool
2. If the Stars Were Mine
3. Who Will Comfort Me
4. Your Heart Is As Black As Night
5. Lover Undercover
6. Our Love Is Easy
7. Les Etoiles
8. The Rain
9. My One and Only Thrill
10. Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind
11. Over the Rainbow
12. If the Stars Were Mine (Orchestral Version)
13. Pretend I Don't Exist (Bonus Track)

Bought From: I-Tunes
Price: $6.99

Summary about this album and singer from I-tunes: 
This is her sophomore release. She is a Philadelphia based singer/songwriter that has been compared to Norah Jones and Laura Nyro. There is more on the I-tunes page if you would like to read it.

Overall thoughts:
I have to say I purchased this song mainly due to the track Who Will Comfort Me and the soul behind it. I connected to lyrics and the sadness from it. The sultry of her voices and the tone of her voice drew me in on that song. From there I was hooked and wanted to know more about this artist. From there I started to like the over all jazz like tones and softness of her voice and backgrounds of music. She has a rich-tone of voice that shows she has a true talent and love of music. Her lyrics hook you and you find a way to relate to most of what she is singing about and if you can't relate you find yourself swaying along to most of her rhythmic background music. All in all she is enjoyable most of her songs are softer and not something you would find in a night club she is for sure a soft jazz club if anything and a more romantic one at that.

Favorite Track: Who Will Comfort Me
Grade: A
Recommend: Yes I would recommend this artist definitely one that I enjoy and would listen to while reading a book and drinking some wine or sitting with friends at night.
Very happy with this find. 

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