Monday, May 4, 2015

So today is May 4th

And in Nerd Talk that means it is

So that means many a nerd will be coming up to you saying. Hey "Happy May the Fourth be with you day!" A throw back to Star Wars for you non Star Wars Fans out there. *coughmecough* I am not a fan of Star Wars but in honor of May the Fourth/Force Be with you Day I decided to Watch 

Wish I could tell ya that I was struck dumb at how awesome this movie was and how much I regret the fact that I never got into this as a kid and wow I am now a FULL BLOWN Star Wars fan, but alas no I am not. Sorry to disappoint. I understand the appeal. I do I get it I truly do. However, its just not for me and I am not that big of a fan. Needless to say though I am glad others do and I hope that the force is with you or in this case the fourth ;)

How about you? What's your favorite Star Wars movie? Are you a fan not a fan do you get the hype?

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