Sunday, December 28, 2014

No Spend Challenge

Well I have reached the point of a self imposed no spend month. My goal is not to buy any books, DVDs, music, Coffee (Starbucks or other houses), or QT (sunflower seeds, soda, gum, candy) for a month. The book buying and music/DVD obsession has got to stop. I have WAY too many books and I am not reading them nearly fast enough.

To curb this my goal is to read the 300+ books on my TBR pile instead. I know that this will be hard for me so I have set up a reward system. If I read 10 books from TBR or Ebook hell I will reward myself with a coffee or music (1 song) and this will continue. Cause let's be honest a girl needs rewards yes?!

As far as the month is concerned I am really going to try to curb my spending. I have a lot of things coming up in March, May, August and well a vacation at some point to a beach and I want to have enough money to go and enjoy myself. So self discipline has got to kick in at some point. Also I am really, really, really trying to attempt to stop my soda addiction which will not only help me save money but also help in the health area.

Have you ever done a self imposed no spending spree or a kick my unhealthy addiction attempt (i.e. books, music, dvds, Starbucks, chiptole, and other non essential items)? If so what helped you? What worked or what didn't? All suggestions welcomed and if anyone wants to join in I would be more then willing to have some company ;)

1. No spending on anything extra for 30 days (books, music, dvds, Starbucks, chiptole, and other non essential items)
2. After 30 days rewards kick in...
10 books from TBR or EBook TBR = a small coffee or 1 song from Itunes/Amazon
rinse recycle repeat
3. You don't have to cut programs like: Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime (however if not using them enough to make the cost worth it cut, cut and cut) that was aimed more for me then you...
4. Update me weekly (or in my case update you weekly) to keep accountable
5. If you run across anything cool and interesting that is free share it with the world
6. At the end of the month let us know how much you saved by cutting out the little things!

That's it if interested let me know and I will check in with you and you can do the same for me :)

Oh and most importantly try to have fun on this challenge!

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