Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #7


Man it's been a minute on the blog writing. Sorry about that. I've been packing like a mad woman for a move that happens on the 19th. So yeah things have been a bit nutters over here. Add to that I managed to throw in a weekend trip to Dallas with a friend, mom and daughter movie nights, and work and well you have a completely out of control person.

Who knew packing would be so flipping hard?! I didn't know I had so much stuff considering that I got rid of at least 6 car loads from Spark Joy book. I also did a dozen trash runs and now I am just like there is more that has to go I am sure of it LOL. I absolutely hate clutter and my whole house is in a state of utter chaos and clutter. The goal being that by this time next week I will be completely packed ready for movers on Wednesday as I get my keys on Monday. It's a task that I feel at times is overwhelming and I have no idea how people do this regularly. I am hoping never to do it again or if I do it one more time it is to a home I buy not rent :/

So Dallas was a blast got to meet the lovely Catherine Tate! For those Doctor Who fans she was Donna Noble for those none Doctor Who fans she is a great comedic actress and stage performer in England

My favorite play of her's was Much Ado About Nothing (it helps that is my favorite Shakespeare play) but i really felt that she captures Beatrice fantastically!!

She was also a brilliant company for the doctor and a friend which is why I loved her. She never fell in love with the doctor nor wanted that. All she wanted to do was travel the universe and ended up being his best friend.

Moving on. While in Dallas we ate our way through quite a few places, spent a lot of money, got some new art and of course met fantastic people. In other news I am very happy with my mini-vacation.

So that's my life in a nutshell. What's been happening with you guys?

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