Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #6

So what a crazy week. This week I decided it was time to move from my EXPENSIVE apartment to a cheaper more affordable place. Which then means I have to downsize which has been a good decision since I have been doing the Kondo Marie method of what brings me joy. Sadly too many things for my new "smaller" space so I will have to downsize even further. The worse part of all of this is I don't know if I have the place until later this week and I ABSOLUTELY hate the waiting game. Once I find out however, it will move so fast I won't know what to do with myself >_< which is also scary cause I also hate the packing and moving game. Because of this I have also come to realize that I am a planner which is also a little terrifying when you think of it because when you are in the waiting stage there is no planning that you can do other then down sizing or doing the well I guess I could pack this but... game

Otherwise this week has been nothing more then that. I haven't read or done anything as I have been looking at rental houses and going through boxes. I did manage to pick up a punching bag to start working out but as I may or may not move I am not going to unpack it from the box for fear that it will just have to be packed again and that thing is heavy. So alas even that has been put on hold. There is a massive pause button on my life right now and sadly that is just uncomfortable :/

Anything new with you guys? How do you handle the hold and pause situations of life?

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