Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Album Review ~ Gary Clark Jr

Artist: Gary Clark Jr
Album: Blak and Blu

Released: 2012

1. Ain't Messin 'Round
2. When My Train Pulls In
3. Blak And Blu
4. Bright Lights
5. Travis County
6. The Life
7. Glitter Ain't Gold (Jumpin' For Nothin')
8. Numb
9. Please Come Home
10. Things Are Changin'
11. Third Stone From The Sun/If You Love Me Like You Say
12. You Saved Me
13. Next Door Neighbor Blues

Bought from: Amazon
Price: Vinyl $22.98

Thoughts of Album:
This album goes from modern to blues to back. Lots of guitar riffs to soulful lyrics can lead you to wondering what's going on. If you are looking for bass this isn't the album for you. However, if you are looking for lyrics that fit a life situation Gary Clark Jr has you covered. From waking up under Bright Lights thinking there's no way you should have survived to asking friends to help you out cause you don't have any funds for food and drinks "can't go on like this knowing that I'm just getting by" to feeling numb over a love and how you're being treated in that relationship. Gary has a strong guitar presence that reminds me of Jimmy Hendrix to a point. He shows his emotions through lyrics and that guitar. It's as if he singing and playing to you letting you hear what he can't get out in words. The album tells his story to a point but can get lost in transition from strong guitar riffs to all of the sudden a transition to a Motown sounding Please Come Home where you almost wonder if you have stepped back in time, he still manages to get his guitar going in this one to bring some modern to his soda pop sounding track. While marveling at the time travel you still can't help but sit in awe at his vocal range he's like the Jackson 5 wrapped in one. This is definitely an album that I would recommend for anyone who likes guitar, guitar heavy riffs, and great lyrics that can fit any mood. Gary Clark Jr tends to lean a little heavy on the blues side with this album as it is more about the harder side of life, but still manages to keep you entertained in an upbeat fashion if you are concerned about crying your eyes out. Gary Clark Jr is a magician when it comes to guitar and lyric combo.  

Favorite Track(s)
1. Bright Lights
2. The Life

Grade: A

Would you recommend: Yes I love Gary Clark Jr's music and I especially love this album. So much I bought on vinyl which is not something I just rush out and waste my cash on but his voice and songs are worth it to me.

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