Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Album Review ~ Lianne La Havas

Artist: Lianne La Havas
Title of Album: Blood

Released: 2015

1. Unstoppable
2. Green & Gold
3. What You Don't Do
4. Tokyo
5. Wonderful
6. Midnight
7. Grow
8. Ghost
9. Never Get Enough
10.  Good Goodbye

Bought from: Amazon vinyl
Price: 21.84

Thoughts on Album:
Lianne is a voice that now having heard I will recognize every time she sings. Before however, she is someone I had never heard and therefore a great loss on my behalf. Lianne has one of those voices that haunts you. Her lyrics are real and raw. Green & Gold talk about growing up in a world of finding out where she belongs where her eyes fit in and how to recognize being Greek and Jamaican being raised in London and how does one identify with that. Unstoppable is a song that can be an anthem to just about any cause or simply a song to play when you a feeling beat down and need a reminder to not stop at what you are doing. Lianne inspires you to keep going. Tokyo is one that hits home when feeling lonely no matter when it's in a crowd at home or in another country Lianne just has a way of connecting with her listeners and getting to our inner parts of our soul and making us think, "hey she gets us". Her vocals are smooth and seamless at times others are deep and have a gravel sound that make her emotions raw. Overall the tracks seem to flow seamless together to tell her story yet even on shuffle work as an overall album to listen to when when drinking wine and relaxing. 

Favorite Track(s):
1. Unstoppable for sure a great dance or workout song
2. Tokyo is a song that I really connected with
3. Never Get Enough

Grade: A

Would Recommend: I saw her live in concert she opened for Leon Bridges and I realized that I had to have her album and bought her on vinyl so yes I recommend her to everyone. 

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