Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Smoozeday

Watching: Still working on Death in Paradise and Reign (feeling guilty watching Reign but dang I love it)

Reading:  gosh still reading Ender's Game (although to be honest haven't touched it in a month) and Uglies

Listening to:  Lindsey Sterling's Album Shatter Me (got tickets to her concert for my Bestie's graduation gift and trying to brush up on her music)

Wearing: My pj's still don't see clients til later this afternoon

Lusting After: a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes I desperately want but will never be able to buy until I marry my Babby Daddy Chris Evans whom I am also lusting after

Needing: see above and to exercise to get the above situation

Weather: cloudy to be quite frank I feel as if I am living in Seattle or London it's bloody getting old with all the clouds and no sun

Drinking: stupid tea with water on the side thanks to the new meds not allowing me carbonated beverages.

Eating: toast

Feeling: ugh I am ready for the weekend and yet not wanting to move from this spot b/c that means I actually with have to do something. So for the sake of an argument let's say I'm feeling lazy.

Thinking: that I have got to improve my attitude or I am not going to last much longer in this job or profession let alone in life.

Wondering: Where the heck I put my shoes and cell phone from last night.

Side personal note: Still deciding on the topic of  #The100DayProject thinking it is going to be journaling either in art or written form with a version of Biblical topics thrown in. 

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