Monday, April 13, 2015


One of the greatest things mankind can do. It is also one of the scariest. Recently I was challenged by a friend (notice how this happens a lot to me) to do #The100DayProject more information can be found here. Since I am a week late on the bandwagon (this started 4/6/15) I decided I wouldn't rush it and would still participate but bee alas a week late. 

So the point is to find something, anything, that you want to do, can do, will attempt to do, for 100 days. Then post a picture everyday with the hashtag of your choice such as: #100DaysOf.___ and the tag: #The100DayProject so that others can find you on instagram. 

The problem I have been facing with this new challenge is what will I do for a 100 days that I am willing to keep at? I thought about my art journal and doing it for 100 days but I am housing sitting and working odd hours. Then I thought about working out... then laughed. I thought about no soda but that's just a weird post. I thought about writing on my book but again with the traveling. I thought about taking a class or doing some extra studying. I thought about studying Greek or the Bible. I even through about just reading the Bible for 100 Days to see how far I got. I know I have to pick something and I know I have to do it soon LOL so I will sit on it tonight and post my first day tomorrow. 

In the mean time what would you pick? are you doing it? If so what are you making in 100 days? 
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