Friday, March 27, 2015

A few of My favorite things!

I really miss being able to share my favorite things with those of you who pay attention to this fantastic blog! So I thought wouldn't Friday or Saturday or heck Sunday be a great day to share these things with you?!

I picked Friday. Why? Because I love me some Friday and I know you love you some Friday too!

This is week 1 of my favorite things...

1. Let's start with the obvious my read-a-thon (you can see the update here) Needless to say as of today, this week, this month Nalini Singh is a top favorite of mine!!

2. So I've been attempting to be more creative thinking that it might help with the stress level in my life. Thus far I have attempted to use pintrest to help me with this. 

My first thought was I have a ton of these:

And I thought huh I could totally do this: 

The end result was not theses sadly. Unfortunately however I did have fun doing my little painting project so I will continue with my artistic endeavors to see where I end up. 

Links here : Pintrest Project

3. Proverbs a day challenge. 
Has been fun yet challenging. There were a lot of hiccups and keeping up and a lot of sections that were Oh My why am I reading this. Yet I felt that I grew a little more in my faith and walk with this challenge so far.

Links here: Proverbs

4. Maroon 5 is hands down one of my favorite bands. I buy EVERY Single album that comes out no matter what. That being said I have never seen them live until this week!!! I enjoyed it a lot and want to see another. That being said Maroon 5 will always be one of my favorite things!

5. And I will leave my favorite thing in the world to look at now in days... no words are necessary

What are some of your favorite things this week?

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