Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review ~ Dead End by Chris Wraight #SGA

Stargate Atlantis: Dead End by Chris Wraight
Published: 7/16/10
275 pages
Purchased: Through Amazon e-book 2012

Summary from Goodreads: 
Dr. Rodney McKay must try and rescue his friends who are stranded on an icy world on the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy

My Thoughts:
For starters that summary really blows cause it doesn't even begin to describe this book. McKay is not only rescuing Teyla, Ronan, Shep but also his own arse who doesn't like the cold any more than the rest of them. Basically McKay convinces the Elizabeth with the help of Shepperd to go through the gate to the furthest they have ever gone. It is so far the ancients were attempting to build a special ship for it. Now does the team use the special ship or even try to build the ship? NO of course not why would they ;)

Needless to say the ship is damaged, there is no way to dial home cause there is no power, the local people are friendly, but are threatened by an enemy no one understands, it is cold and the weather is getting worse and worse with each passing day. So its up to Ronan to hunt, Teyla to learn more about the people and the threat, John to try and save everyone and McKay to fix the whole gate sinking into the ice and jumper not working. Needless to say its an hour packed show thrown into a 275 page book. Very well written and one I would've liked to see on air. 

For sure a must read for those SGA fans out there.

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