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Review ~ Transitions by Sabine Bauer #SG1 #SGA

SG-1: Transitions by Sabine Bauer
Published 12/16/11
320 pages:
Purchased: 2012 through Amazon 

Summary from Gooodreads:
Recently promoted to the rank of General, Jack O'Neill is getting used to his new position at the SGC when disaster strikes. Cassandra Fraiser, the adopted daughter of the late Dr Janet Fraiser, has been kidnapped by forces unknown. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson receives a demand: translate a mysterious document or Cassie will be killed. Determined not to give into the kidnappers, Colonel Samantha Carter gathers her team together for one last mission - save Cassandra.

My Thoughts:
First and foremost I am a HUGE Stargate SG1 and Atlantis fan. I fully admit this. So the following review is going to be tainted with nerdy goodness and well I just can't apologize for that.  Now that being said this book combines the two shows so we not only get a look at SGA but also the SG1 team that we had 7 to 8 seasons to grow and love. Jack has recently become Lt. General and leaves the team. The team is split up in different directions and this book handles the split well. It also shows what thoughts they might have during the split and then brings them together again in a way that we know is legit. If anything happened to Cassie the team would move heaven and earth to help and save her. Which, sadly in a way that's what they do. 

Add in the Atlantis part and a deadly disease and bomb you got a shaved Sheppard, a stressed Elizabeth, an overworked Beckett and a frazzled McKay. I LOVED THIS BOOK. Now you might be asking if I loved it so much why did I only give it a B rating? Well that's simple. It was too short, the story line was rushed towards the end after a massive build up and well heck I just thought the ending was a little to neat and clean. Don't get me wrong I would've been TICKED if the author had killed one of my peps. That being said I really wasn't all that invested in Cassie or Amara. Now I do like how Cassie's bracelet was tied into for the future episode which was cool! Anywho if you are a HUGE nerd like me then you will appreciate this wonderful book and show ;)

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