Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reading some Stargate Atlantis

Can you BELIEVE they have Stargate Atlantis books?!?!?!

Well I didn't until just recently and when I discovered this you better believe that I had to check them out. So I did and I happened to find a book by an author I enjoyed and dove in. Thankfully it was only book 2 (I have a slight OCD problem and have to read books in series order or it will drive me nuts) So I started with book 2 in the Atlantis series which is suppose to fill in between episodes of season 1. So I started with Reliquary by Martha Wells book 2 of SGA series (keep in mind there are 2 series with these books this series follows the TV show that is no longer on air the second series takes place after season 5's ending I think)

Anywho I read book 2 first and it is actual the first book in the series that was an original story. Basically this story involved my two favorite characters Sheppard and McKay. Don't get me wrong other members of the team were involved like Ford and Weir. This story had a little bit of action, it had some mutation and some nice one liners. It did go back and talk about some previous shows and mentioned some things that you would only get or understand if you watched the show. Yet it was written in a clearly easy to catch up manner.
The writing is GREAT as always I mean it is Martha Wells so the world building is great and full of life. I could really picture the planet she described based on her description. The characters were easy to see b/c they were on TV but the inner conversations and mannerisms were different and a nice touch. It was good to get a little more from the characters then what we would have seen on TV. Basically reading this was like watching a new episode on TV that I hadn't seen it was refreshing and nice.

So after reading book 2 I went and purchased book 1 Rising which was basically a rehash of the pilot show. The nice thing about book 1 was the inside and inner thoughts the characters were having added a little more to the pilot but over all it was like a re-hash of watching the first episode which while nice was something I could've gone without especially after reading book 2. So while it was nice had I started with book 1 I wouldn't have continued to purchase this series.

Since I read book 2 first however, and I now see that each book will be like watching a new show which is what I wanted. I wanted to get my Stargate Fix since they are no longer on and I miss it badly.

Have you read any of these books? Which one should I pass or continue to read

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