Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review ~ A Secret Rage by Charlanie Harris

TITLE: A Secret Rage
AUTHOR: Charlanie Harris

COPYRIGHT: 08/07/2007
PAGES: 224
TYPE: contemporary/ myster/thriller

I had it in the TBR pile and thought of how much I love this author and gave it a shot.

SUMMARY (from Goodreads):

Former New York City model Nickie Callahan is looking forward to the easy life when she moves to the sleepy college town of Knolls, Tennessee. But the women of Knolls are not safe. And as Nickie gets swept up in a string of brutally violent crimes, she must take matters of justice into her own hands.


I am still torn on this review. It is a tough subject to write about and had I actually read in between the lines and knew this was about a RAPE I wouldn’t have read it. The book in general is good I just sometimes don’t think authors can handle the rape thing very well. I did like that after she was raped it was hard not to panic when the thought of being with someone else. But she did manage to get over it fast when it came time to have sex with the hero. IF you ignore this aspect the book was over all pretty good. Not a favorite of mine the book was violent the women of Knolls are being raped and by whom. Two of the survivors get together to solve the case and well there you go. They do solve it but it has a twist I guess. Anyway a very hard book to read and even harder to review due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

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