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Review ~ XX (Phoenix series, Bk 1) by K.H. LeMoyne

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XX (Phoenix Series bk 1)

XX (Phoenix Book 1)

by K.H. LeMoyne

2178AD - From the ashes of destruction rises the new rule of the Regents, leaders of mankind's new evolution. And a reminder of man's darkest instincts.

Analena Maresco's cyber-enhanced arm gives her an edge, a weapon to rescue children held as organ replacements for the governing Regent's personal use. Supported by the renegade network and augmented by her unique skills, Analena straddles the line between rebellion and anarchy. To save the children, she risks both. With an extraction too difficult to handle, Piper needs more than remote assistance. She needs the presence of the shadow entity at her back.

Trace Boden, a former Regent surgeon, hides in the city ruins beneath the New Delphi Capital super structure. Providing medical advice, instruction and supplies via the Down Below renegade cyber network, he operates in anonymity, slowly paying back the debt for his part in the Regent's atrocities. Yet, Piper's call is one Trace can't refuse. Exposed to save a child, he risks everything in a confrontation with Analena Maresco, the woman who can destroy his life forever.

Nowhere to hide, will the secrets Analena and Trace share forge a bond to combat the Regents reign of terror or cripple them both?
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I enjoyed this book. I thought it was difficult at the beginning to get into but that was simply b/c I felt thrown into the world. There is a relationship between the two characters but I felt that it was more physically driven than I would've liked. That being said the sex is very intense here. I think this ia good first book and you can tell that this is going to be a series. Definately a quick and fun read for the summer.
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About K.H. LaMoyne:

KH LeMoyne was born into a naval family, experiencing total emersion in Spanish kindergarten in Rota, Spain. Her childhood of migrating up and down the eastern US seaboard, with hops from California to Arizona to Virginia, inspired her love of stories and myth. After fifteen years as an Information Systems professional, she now writes full time in romance: fantasy, futuristic and paranormal and straight urban fantasy under another pseudonym. She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband and a pair of corgis. Much to her dismay, she rarely encounters supernatural beings other than on paper.

KH Lemoyne’s current series books Betrayal’s Shadow, Warrior Reborn, XX and Return of the Legacy are all available in eBook, with paperback editions coming later this summer. She is currently finishing the second in the Phoenix series, Shepherd, (due for release later this summer).
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