Thursday, November 30, 2017

Review ~ Yesterday by Felicia Yap

Title: Yesterday
Author: Felicia Yap
Copyright: 2017
Type:  Dystopian/Mystery/Fiction
Pages: 352
Series: no

Reason for Reading
I heard on the Bookriot that it was an interesting read and I thought it was one I should check out. 

How do you solve a murder when you only remember yesterday?

Imagine a world in which classes are divided not by wealth or religion but by how much each group can remember. Monos, the majority, have only one day’s worth of memory; elite Duos have two. In this stratified society, where Monos are excluded from holding high office and demanding jobs, Claire and Mark are a rare mixed marriage. Clare is a conscientious Mono housewife, Mark a novelist-turned-politician Duo on the rise. They are a shining example of a new vision of tolerance and equality—until…

...a beautiful woman is found dead, her body dumped in England’s River Cam. The woman is Mark’s mistress, and he is the prime suspect in her murder. The detective investigating the case has secrets of his own. So did the victim. And when both the investigator’s and the suspect’s memories are constantly erased—how can anyone learn the truth?

Told from four different perspectives, that of Mark, Claire, the detective on the case, and the victim—Felicia Yap’s staggeringly inventive debut leads us on a race against an ever-resetting clock to find the killer. With the science-fiction world-building of Philip K. Dick and the twisted ingenuity of Memento , Yesterday is a thriller you’ll never forget.

I have to say the whole premise was very interesting. What would life be like if you could only remember 1 day back or 2 days back at most? It hit on issues of segregation and bias of Duos being better and smarter then Monos. The hate between the 2 was very realistic and interesting. I have to say the mystery was also interesting and seeing it from a Mono detective who is pretending to be a Duo in order to keep his job. There is also a couple that is Mono and Duo married and how is that affected and how does it work. Then we have Sophia who can actually remember everything from age 23 on. And how does she fit into all of this. I had to say that I preferred seeing how the people lived and their everyday life with having 2 days of memories and 1 day of memories then I was about the actual mystery that is taking place. The world building was done very well with limited telling and more showing which I enjoyed. This book had a twist at the end that I didn't see coming and I have to say while that was interesting I enjoyed learning more about the people in the book and the characters then anything else. 

Goodreads: 3 out of 5 stars

Would you recommend this book to others? I enjoyed the concept and found the storyline interesting like how do Mono and Duo work. 

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