Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #5

What a week!

I had the flu last week which means 5 days of no work and 8 plus days of recovery with medication. Then catch up from that work that I missed. My home fell apart with cleaning and other things. So the last 2 days has been catching up with that. Add to it I am leaving for a work training today and won't be back until late Tuesday night!

So needless to say no reading occurred but I am hoping that changes this week. I did manage to catch up on some shows and of course start some new shows so YEAH to addictions.

Legion is a new show I started

Boy that one challenged my Xmen knowledge and forced me to research some of the comics to remember what the actual hellz was happening LOL but it's good I recommend it to any nerd!!

I also started Taboo 

That show is just weird and I have to say I got 4 in before I was like either the drugs I am taking are just messing with me or this show is... so I'm not certain I will stick with it although Tom Hardy is fantastic!

I also got hooked on Kid's Baking Challenge
Those little kids are adorable and I enjoy it after work. 

Otherwise the only other things I did was watch John Wick finally and boy howdy 

Keanu Reeves is still fione as heck and boy still has moves that makes you wonder what diet he's on and gawd I hope I move that good at 52. 

Mom came over this week to watch Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (cause we loved the first)
And honestly it was horrible and long and it wouldn't end and dear lawd save me my gawd that was the longest boring movie I have seen in a long time. So I need to clean my brain and watched Priest to make up for it 

Do any of you remember Priest

I have a thing for vampire and zombie movies and Karl Urban and a vampire SIGN ME UP!!! so yeah there you go my week in a nutshell LOL 

How was your week? Did you watch or read anything interesting?

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