Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #4

Whew what a roller coaster of a week. I started my 4 10 hour days so I had Friday off. But really ended up doing a bunch of errands on Friday. Then thought I had a second job from 11p to 4 a only to find out that they gave it away. So that was for naught, but at least will keep me in mind should anything come up in the future.
I got paid, fought a fraud charge, fixed a recall on my BRAND NEW CAR, got food for 3 weeks and ordered from Amazon the crap that one needs for work.

Such as my new work related book that I have to have read by March for a lunch and learn. and it is BIG.

I also discovered a lovely surprise Game of Shadows by Erika Lewis was in my mailbox as well so I will have that read in the next week for a review

I love little surprises in the mail like that :) makes the whole week better. So today I my plan is to read some, start taxes again :/ and then head to my book club. I have to pick the puppy up and maybe wash some clothes at Ma's house then I can head home. Tomorrow the puppy goes in to the groomers for a nice cleaning and I get to clean my house since my 4 10's happen to give me Monday off as well.

Hope you all have a fantastic week. Has anyone read either of the books listed above? 

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