Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #3

Whew what a week!

I start a new shift next week 4 10 hour days so that I have 3 days off with the hope eventually it will be Friday. For 2 reasons #MamaG is going to have surgery and will need extra help and I need a weekend. In the meantime I need a part time job and this will help me to pick up a weekend shift on a hospital.

I am not looking forward to getting up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 but alas I am looking forward to having a 3 day weekend ever week until I pick up that 2nd job to pay off some bills. :/

I started a new project the #KonMari Method it's about tidying and decluttering your home. Finding what brings you joy in your home and then getting rid of everything that doesn't. So far I have 2 car loads of things that don't bring me joy. Sadly that does include a lot of my books *sob* but it has a point sometimes we carry around with us a lot of TBR books for YEARS mind you with the intend I am going to read this only realize that they a)don't bring us joy anymore only dread as we look at them and keep passing them over and b)regret at the money we spent, time we take to wish away I am going to read someday, joy we steal from others, and shame & guilt of one day I will read that.

Now that I am done with books I need to organize them and get them off the floor. Next is clothes, then I will tackle my bathroom (yikes) then kitchen (double yikes) and office (HELP) eventually I want to have everything have a place. My last thing is sentimental items and vinyl collection cause I feel like that will be the hardest for me to part with. Part of this is spurred on by hopefully moving into a one bedroom apartment here soon. So downgrading is needing to happen rather soon. Have any of you ever done it?

Also this week I started
I am really excited to try this food product. I have 3 meals that I am going to cook for the week that should get me through until payday. Fancy grill cheese, a steak meal and chicken thighs. All three are items I am comfortable cooking but would never have picked out at a store to make at home so I am excited to try something new when I get home from my 10 hour shifts :)

That's about all new around here. How about you guys anything new in your worlds? Have you tried Hello Fresh or KondiMari methods? Any tips or tricks I should know about?

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