Sunday, January 22, 2017

SUNDAY Ramblings


Do any of you out there ever look at your blog and go HOLY CRAP I haven't got anything planned for next week and OMG I let it really go since Thursday... YIKES and then spend the lovely day of SUNDAY doing a massive planning and catch up session instead of using Sunday to blog hop and visit other lovely blogs?

Or am I the only one that does this?

Seriously I can't be the only one? I mean I will later go around and blog hop and catch up on a week's worth of blogging but lawd Sunday mornings get me all worked up in a frenzy. jeez...

Moving on.

So this week has been crazy I had numerous trainings at work and finally had Friday to attempt to catch up on real work only to have that frittered away. So yesterday instead of cleaning I spent the WHOLE day watching Modern Family season 1... yep
So as soon as I am caught up on the week here I will have to clean my lovely house and find my stuff for work. Lunch plan and breakfast plan cause we don't get paid until Friday.
Budget for payday
Then I can finally relax to make next week go like CRAZY again...

Yet I don't seem to find a way to change anything during the week... CRAZY

As far as reading I am knee deep in a a few books but managed to finish one so I uber excited about it and will keep working on the others (biographies take a while for me)

How about you guys how was your week?

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