Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Ramblings #2

Lawd it's Sunday already which means Monday tomorrow

But alas I shan't worry about that until the alarm goes off tomorrow morning... I did discover this last week that being sick is not necessarily a good thing especially when they want you to work from home so there's that. I did manage to stay a float to a point.

Taxes taxes and taxes they suck the big one. I am going to end up paying the government again. I am getting really sick of that. I am a single woman who works and I always end up paying the government back every FRACKING year and it sucks every time.

I'm trying a new app to help me save for both taxes, to pay off a credit card (s) if I am honest and a trip to NY if I can swing all that I will be a very happy girl. I love NY and went last year in April, but I am hoping to go this year in July so fingers crossed I can swing it.

I am finally getting my promised meatloaf and potatoes my mom said she would make me last week but between me being sick and her being sick there wasn't a time for it but now... oh yeah that's happening. I just have to catch up some tax stuff to cry more, clean a little and poof I get dinner.
Speaking of dinner is anyone else doing Hello Fresh? I thought I would give it a try for a month and see if it helped with my portion control and well eating some healthy veggies and well help me to cook something outside the box. Right now I make like 5 meals and I thought well it might be worth trying to do something a little different. I know a friend who tried it in Atlanta but wasn't sure if anyone else had.

Nothing else is really new here! How about you guys? Any new news in your life?

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