Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Album Review ~ Elle King

Artist: Elle King
Album: Love Stuff

Released: 2015

1. Where the Devil Don't Go
2. Ex's and Oh's
3. Under the Influence
4. Last Damn Night
5. Kocaine Karolina
6. Song of Sorrow
7. America's Sweetheart
8. I Told You I was Mean
9. Ain't Gonna Drown
10. Jackson
11. Make You Smile
12. See You Again

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Price $9.99

Thoughts of Album 
Most of us are familiar with Ex's and Oh's and man did they play the crap out of that song in late 2015 and early 2016 it was literally everywhere from commercials to every other song on the radio. So please believe me I was very hesitant to listen to her whole album. What convinced me was watching a clip of her on James Corden show (I heart him) singing American Sweetheart and I thought man that girl has just enough rasp to her voice and sings just enough edgy lyrics I'm curious enough to check her out.
I'm glad I did Elle takes you on a ride from making you wonder why the Devil will be her savior to Kocanie Karolina which is almost folky sounding to American Sweetheart you are bounced back and forth thinking man this girl has had a really hard life for sure. Her music goes from dance and scream out loud to smooth almost a jazz quality of Under the Influence where you almost sway along to. She is still edgy in it but gives her vocals a little more go of it. If she isn't boozing, drugging or in love with someone in this album then girlfriend is pretending well. I have to say though whenever I feel like being a rocking rebel (which that alone should prove to you I am not one) Elle King is who I put on and I rock out to her. She is not a sit back and listen to with the gals and wine or read a book while listening to. She is more of a get ready for a night out kind of music. She reminds me a lot of Gin Wigmore who is one of my favorite go to raspy female fighting the male system drink whiskey and let's be hurt together singers.
Then you get like every other song that are soft and slow wanting to get back with someone, or they are folksy in nature. It's like a drastic contrast to what is happening in the hard hitting songs. She is heartbroken one moment, angry the next, at a square dance the next second, then angry again. She kind of bounces all over the place in this album for me. While I enjoy all the songs it has not real flow in a story for me and the album seems jumbled out of order and chaotic. Definitely a good voice but could have used more direction on how to place the songs in order.

Favorite Tracks:
I love I Told You I Was Mean makes me feel rough and bad even though I am far from it although to be fair I can be mean at times.
When I need to slow down with Elle Under the influence is my softer song I go to it.
American Sweeheart is a fun song to sing along to and pump up to if you are getting ready to go into a meeting that you need to wake up for or just need to be pumped up for.

Grade B+

Would Recommend: I think Elle is an acquired taste just like whiskey she did her one song to glory and American Sweetheart came out not as popular, but if you can learn to swallow what she is serving she is great. If you don't like cussing make sure to get the clean version of the albums in case you have a mother who was listening to this as you were reviewing....

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