Saturday, January 6, 2018

36 things to do before 37 completed sort of

This year I managed to do a challenge of 35 things to do before I turned 36. I was successful for some of the items but not on others. I want to keep this tradition alive and come up with 36 things to do before I turn 37 on 1/4/18.

My List:
1. Well to keep with yet another tradition of attempting to read 52 books in 52 weeks!
2. Take time to see and enjoy the total solar eclipse in august of this year Although it was cloudy and raining all day :(
3. Finish a challenge
4. Get Healthy: focus on one thing and make it work
5. Get new habits formed (healthy ones)
6. Be more mindful in my 36th year
7. Travel to New York (see the fireworks on the Hudson River this year)
8. Finish setting up my place (bookcases need, frames,
9. Pay off my debt the goal is to pay off 4 credit cards this year (aiming low)
10. Take more time for me
11. Learn the area around me more go and see parks, walk trails, see what is out there
12. Watch less TV and read more
13. Walk the dog and actually enjoy it (play with her more too)
14. Give more away and buy less (look at the minimalist lifestyle more)
15. Review more things I love
16. Listen to more music
17. Talk less listen more
18. Take more pictures/selfies
19. Study God and love Him more, learn his Word and see what growth comes from it
20. journal journal journal
21. Learn how to be happy single
22. Spend more time with Mom (help her)
23. Find something positive in everyday
24. 100 days of photos
25. 100 letters to me
26. See about attending a local festival
27. Get to Chicago this year!!
28. Attend at least one con (man I miss it)
29. Road trip!
30. Learn more about me and who I am as well as what I want from life
31. Fill up my wall of pictures
32. write more letters to friends and family
33. Be Thankful daily
34. Be a better friend
35. Learn to cook
36. Live more

Here's to a great year!

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