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My Favorite Things ~ Week #17

Week 17 episode 31 of my favorite things and I just realized that I missed last week. I would love to tell you it was because I was doing something AMAZING but sadly I was not. I did put in a window unit and well played my last game of sand volleyball so I did do something but alas nothing super duper cool like go somewhere LOL so sorry folks for those of you holding your breathe weekly for this AMAZING podcast I didn't mean to disappoint or leave ya hanging. I will throw in this side note now and again at the end I won't be doing another favorites next week or the week following as I will be in Chicago unless I can sucker someone into doing it for me (takers are welcomed) or can have someone do it with me while I am in Chicago (hint, hint and wink, wink). We shall see what I come up with. Maybe you will get a special episode. If not I will be back in 2 weeks with a long catch up of 2 cons that I attended while away which leads me into my first topic.

So August 14-16 and August 20-23 I will be in Chicago attending to conventions. The first is a Stargate Convention where actors and actresses from the show Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe come together to meet fans and so forth. I've been attending this con for 2010 which has been cool and in 2012 I even went to Vancouver to see them thinking it was the last the one. They are advertising that this is the last one but then again they did that last year as well so we shall see. I do feel that it will be the last one for me though.
Some of the guests going to attend are:

On August 20-23 I will be attending Wizard World Con in Chicago getting to smooze with some lovely handsome and pretty people I will get to take some pictures and maybe get a few autographs with them. I will either post the pictures I take or at least I will post the actors I take pictures with at some point! I am super stoked and excited.

So some of the people I will be taking a photo with are: 

Brett Dalton from Shield

Emilie De Ravin from Lost and OUAT

Jeremy Freaking Renner from well EVERYTHING

Matt Ryan from Constantine

Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes and Gilmore Girls and Conman

Nathan shut your mouth Fillion (this will be my second photo with him) Firefly & Castle

Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery from Boondock Saints we are doing a duo with the 2

Travel oh how I love thee sort of. However this time I am traveling by TRAIN! Sheldon Cooper be jealous! So over the next 2 weeks I shall be traveling to Chicago to stay with my good friend and sister Courtney which I am super excited about. There while at the first con I will see some good friends that I have made at the con and keep in touch with thanks to social media. Theresa from Canada will also be staying with us during that time so it will be like one GIANT slumber party. There will be laughter, later nights, giddy giggles and over eating. I can't describe to you how bad I need this vacation.

Also while at the con there are tons of opportunities to buy and purchase really cool and unique gift ideas and fun things such as
story scarves for that hard to buy for person in your life that also happens to be a reader. You can actually pick that one up here.


Okay honestly you probably can't find them at a con but who knows if you look hard enough you can. After all I find a Serenity/Firefly charm bracelet at the last Wizardworld Con I went to. You can find the last two picture here and here

So I've been watching a new Netflix show and I'm once again waiting for series 2 hoping it comes soon because I'm dying...
This show was aired in English and Welsh it is a great show if you like Wallander and I did hence why it was recommended to me. I love the main character and the fact I know nothing about him other than he either has 2 daughters that he either can't see or has died (can't tell but I know he has 2) he has an ex-wife named Meg or a current wife named Meg that has abandoned him or left him. Otherwise I got nothing except that he lived in London and oh in the last episode

he slept with the victim's mother who was then killed so SPOILER but that doesn't give too much away I don't think and if it did sorry.

Anyway I love this show. It is beautifully shot the stories can be cliche at times but then at others there is a  nice twist. They are an hour and a half long so I feel like I get a full freaking movie out of them again I LOVE the BRITISH for that. But at the same time I am tired of having to split them up. Also I would love more than 4 freaking episodes a season... just saying.

Otherwise I haven't even had that much time to watch more than anything else. I did catch up on some Crossing Lines and have only 2 episodes left of that but good night can we please for the love of God get some new ones of that I need season 3 now as well!
The more I watch this show the more I start to fall in love with Sebastian Berger played by Tom Wlaschiha I just heart him immensely and his character

I also started X-Files 

Now keep in mind as soon as I started season 1 episode one Momma G comes in and ask if I like it. Before I could answer her she goes on about how she has always been curious about the show but never had gotten into it and has always wondered about it. So I had to start the episode over. She has not requested it since LOL so I will probably be watching it on my own.

I am going to go with a slow song this time
Losing Your Memories by Ryan Star

And because we know how much I love me some fanvideos here's one done by catminolte

Mainly because I haven't cried enough in my life over the Doctor and Donna so there you go. Now I shall pick a happier song because dang yo we need one after that shit. So I went with
Starships by Nicki Minaji

And here's a fun music fan video with Tom Hiddleston dancing to the same song

This was complied by Ems sorry for poor quality it maybe more my fault than Ems so don't hold that against her. And that's our music selection for the week.


TITLE: You Slay Me
AUTHOR: Katie MacAlister
The author of The Corset Diaries returns to the realm of the paranormal in this sexy, funny romance that pits Seattle-based Aisling Grey against Drake Vireo, a seriously handsome Parisian dragon in human form. In her job as courier, Aisling is to deliver a precious demonic artifact to a Mme. Deauxville in Paris, but she finds Madame freshly dead, surrounded by a circle of ash. The artifact is then stolen by the fast-talking Drake, who claims that Aisling is no mere courier but in fact a demon lord and his destined mate. Determined to play detective, Aisling summons up a demon only to find herself saddled with one, in the form of a slobbering Newfoundland who wants to go walkies. Drake wants to show her the way dragons mate, and then bodies seem to pile up all over Paris, making Aisling a corpse magnet and top suspect. It's going to take every screwy new ally she's got to solve this murder and adjust to her new life in a strange new world.

Aisling is 31-years-old, newly divorced, strapped for cash and working as a courier for her uncle's company, which deals in rare artifacts. Her first assignment is to deliver a dragon statue to an eccentric woman in Paris. But when Aisling arrives at the woman's house, she discovers that her contact has been murdered in a bizarre demon ritual. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the priceless dragon statue was stolen by a handsome man. Aisling then hits a very slippery slope downwards into the Otherworld of Paris, finds out she's now a murder suspect and conjures her first demon. 
Aisling is a great character; she's the girl you want to be friends with but also the girl you want fighting on your team. Even though she had the hots for Drake ever since he sauntered in all his dark and sexiness, she still doesn't take any crap from him. Drake's this dragon guy in human form that everyone fears because of his power but Aisling refuses his advances with a swift knee to the groin, a poke in the eye and a good whacking round the head with a solid gold and priceless artifact. But all is made up later against the wall 
The supporting cast was great. Jim the talking demon-dog sidekick was such a kick, with his particular brand wry humor. 

This week I am going to go with the lovely and talented NATHAN FILLION mainly b/c I am going to meet him in 2 short weeks for the 2nd time in hopes of actually talking to him for more than a split second and begging for a Nathan hug during our photo op this time... here's to wishful thinking. Also for those who don't know he is from Firefly, Castle, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and soon to be Conman!! And more but mainly those!!!

That's it for me folks this week its been real thanks for joining me for yet another awesome week on my favorites. As always I would love to hear from you on what you thought about this week, as well as, what some of  your favorite things are. Please feel free to leave a comment on some of your favorite items here below or come over to Twitter and let me know your thoughts. You can also join me on the dark side at Tumblr or over at Podbean where I record the podcast at. Until next time stay safe and enjoy the weekend and shake that groove thing. 

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