Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Album Review ~ Beneath The Skin by Of Monsters and Men

This week I am reviewing

Title: Beneath The Skin
Artist: Of Monsters and Men
Released: 6/9/2015
1. Crystals
2. Human
3. Hunger
4. Wolves Without Teeth
5. Empire
6. Slow Life
7. Organs
8. Black Water
9. Thousand Eyes
10. I of The Storm
11. We Sink
12. Backyard (Bonus Track)
13. Winter Sound (Bonus Track)
14. Black Water (Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) Remix) (Bonus Track)
15. I of The Storm (Alex Somers Remix) (Bonus Track)

Bought From: I-tunes
Price: $12.99

Summary about Album and Singers:
They are a 5 member band from Iceland. First album was Into the Woods, Then My Head is an Animal this is their 3 album.  They are considered to be an indie-folk pop band. They are hailed as "the new Arcade Fire" by Rolling Stones magazine.

Overall Personal Thoughts:
This is for sure a go to band for me I love everything they have put out and so far haven't been disappointed. I will say that when I try to hook people there are certain songs that I play. That being said I've had a few friends make a comment that "every song sounds similar" and that is sort of true. When they come on the radio you always know it's Of Monsters and Men their sound will always be familiar and that's not a bad thing to me. I mean I always know when it's Tswift and Florence and the Machine so how this is any different I have no idea. They are very folk pop to me and easy listening even when they are trying to be harder pop which is interesting to me. I have to say nothing they have ever played has made me want to get up and dance hard core or rock out but I do like having them on in the back ground when cleaning or just sitting back drinking wine and watching the weather while thinking. However, I have found that attempting to read while listening to them is a no go. I tend to listen to their lyrics and want to sing along to their lyrics so I can't multitask with reading when it comes to this band not a bad thing just something I noticed about them. This is a group I enjoy so I have to say this wasn't going to be a biased review because I do enjoy them so much. That being said it isn't my favorite album compared to the others. I think part of that is because it is so new and I haven't had a chance to just sit back and listen to it as much as the previous two I think with time it will become a deep favorite just like the others but for now it is 3rd on the list.

Favorite Track: Thousand Eyes and Wolves without Teeth
Grade: B
Would I Recommend: I recommend any of the albums they have put out. This one is a little weaker for me but I think it is because I haven't had as long as the others to process it and listen to it as much as the others.

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