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Season Finale's Hate 'em or Love 'em?!

I know, I know, I was going to do this whole post about Pretty Little Liars season finale and how much I disliked it and how awful it was. Then it hit me... how many season finales do I actually enjoy? Recently I have been doing a Netflix kick to help this poor case manager disappear in life away from work. I start on a show I like or am interested in and push through until it's done. Thus far this month (and by month I mean March/April) I have finished (not necessarily started):

1. Broadchurch
2.  Parenthood **EDITED opinion***
3. Switched at Birth (current season)
4.  Pretty Little Liars (current season)
5. Gilmore Girls (I had never seen all episodes)

Of those 5 I was blown away by 1, okay with the other (can't wait until next season to see how they wrap it up but if they don't get renewed I will no longer be a fan of that finale), and to be quite frank disliked the 3 remaining finales.

Let's start with the clear winner...

Seriously this show completely blew my mind. Yes I am only on season 1 (blame netflix not me people) but for 8 hours I was hooked on this show. I kept guessing then changing my mind then guessing again and then the season finale hit and I was like

that was just WRONG holy crap on a cracker I didn't expect that ending. What a freaking twist and then a jerk and a nod and a HOLY no gasp. Seriously I may not even watch season 2 or 3 because really I didn't need to. They wrapped up this season so well that I am happy with the ending and refuse to be angry later at a different one.

I also managed to finish Parenthood (or what I thought was ending turns out there is another season that is not on Netflix so I am not completely done with that show and I am happy about it) If this had been the ending I would have been beyond pissed at this show

Over 5 seasons of binge watching I came to expect certain things. If you have not caught up to the end of season 5 then spoilers ahead and you have been warned

1. I expected that Crosby and Jasmine would end up back in their own home happy and healthy with no major issues: CHECK 
2. I expected that Adam and Christine would finally have a HEA (Happy Ever After) with no more major complications: CHECK 
3. I expected to know more about the school Adam was opening with Christine: NOT CHECK
4. I expected Zeke and Milly to not move and stay where they were or at least sell the house to someone in the family: NOPE
5. I expected Joel and Julia to end up back together: BIG FAT STINKING NO so pissed
6. I expected that we would find out if Amber was pregnant: NOPE just a hint that she might be with Ryan's baby and let's be honest not a happy camper about that romance.
7. I expected that Sarah and Hank would have a HEA: sort of but not a lot of closure for me want to know more

There are more things that I am not happy about. The way they ended season 5 ticked me off and made me feel like I was let down. Thankfully there is a season 6 so hopefully that will rectify some of my complaints.

Then came Switched at Birth 

Please for the love of God ABC family you have to renew this show. That can not be how this show goes out and ends us. I LOVE THIS SHOW seriously hands down a favorite of mine and hell might be a favorite of the week soon. This show has all the elements that make a great family drama great. Add in the issues of one of the children being switched at birth and is deaf and you took it to a whole other level. Then there's

My freaking OTP (one true pairing) I mean come on I've been rooting for these two for so stinking long you wold think they were my children.

And you freaking BREAK THEM UP!!!! And that's it. I get nothing else and no promise that this series will continue?!?! OMG seriously ABC Family what kind of crap are you trying to pull?


Moving on to Pretty Little Liars

I am so pissed at this ending. I was promised A I was told that I would know who A was at the end of this show and all I know is A is a man and his name is Charles W... T... H... F (what the holy f*ck) kind of game are you playing with me.
This was your attempt to keep me guessing and wondering who this Charles was so that I would turn in for season 6. NO I am done. I refuse this was so stupid. You promised me answers and all you did was lie to me about who A is. So PLL I am done for now. Maybe one day when the stinking show is done (supposedly you have 2 more seasons) I will flip on netflix and see where you ended up but I refuse to sit week by week to find the answers that you promise and never give. Not to mention that it doesn't even add up. So no I am done with freaking A

As if PLL wasn't a horrible enough ending I then decided I should catch up on Gilmore Girls since I never saw the last season.

And there is not a moment that goes by that I don't wish I had just let it be. Just walked away and said I don't need to ruin what a perfect show I had in my head. I should have stopped at season 6 and just said that's good I'm okay or better yet maybe even season 5. Continuing on was a mistake and one I am having a hard time living with. Seriously you did not have Rory break up with Logan and not even sure that her mom and Luke are together for a HEA and why did we have to have an April and oh good god what did you do to my favorite characters?!?! And I just can't... I can't even... I am just so... so... so distressed right now over this ending.

I just ARGH!!!!

So that leads me back to the original question in the title. Do you love finale's or hate them? What's been your favorite either series ender or season ender that you just adore? Which ones do you absolutely hate? Have you ever watched an entire show (5 season or 7 or whatever number) to reach the end and go

How did you survive?

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