Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reading slump

I have officially hit a reading slump... what is that you ask?

Well it's where I am finding anything and everything to do that does not involve reading. Hence all the freaking TV post I have been going on and on and on about recently. I mean seriously I do watch a lot of TV. That being said I also used to read A LOT too and now well now I'm in a slump and not sure what to do...

Signs your in a reading slump

1. YOU'RE NOT READING: Duh I mean after all here we are talking about the elephant...

2. Nothing you pick up appeals to you and you just keep finding reasons that every book is well shitty.

3. It starts to feel like a chore. Not just the reading part but also the picking out a book, deciding how to pick a book, looking for a book. oh you get the point.

4. You continue to buy books online and at a store only to find out that you aren't reading them when you get home. Let's not even discuss the library books you borrowed.

5. You wake up one day and your room looks like this

Books are everywhere and while normally that would be a good thing all it is managing to do right now in this moment is overwhelm you

to where you just sit down and cry...

So there you have the signs of a reading slump. Now what I need from you lovely readers of this blog is how do I break out of said reading slump?!?!

HELP seriously I need some help I am trapped in a void of no reading and desperately want to break free. What do you do to push through the hump of a reading slump (see I what I did there?!)

Suggestions, comments, tips and tricks welcomed. What has worked for you in the past?

after writing this someone suggested I use this site and I wanted to share it with you
What Should I read next

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