Friday, April 24, 2015

My Favorite Things ~ Week 5

Welcome back to week 5 of my favorite things. Seriously every time I type that I swear the song from The Sound Of Music goes through my head. Maybe I should make that one of my favorites in music one week. You know just for shits and giggles. 

Or not...

Moving on to our first topic which is the NERD topic: 

Couple of things going on this week in the nerdsphere or nerdsphere in my world. So close enough. Discovered a new podcast which is always earth shattering for me. It's called Out of the Blue with David Blue not sure if you are familiar with him or not. 

Some of you may or may not know I am a semi quasi kind of nerd when it comes to Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 well David Blue was in the spin off of the spin off called Stargate Universe. Which sadly only was on for I think 2 seasons possibly 3 and I never got into it (throw your stones later) needless to say he is coming to our annual Stargate convention held in Chicago so I will get to meet him later this year in August. So whilst looking him up. I discovered he does his own podcast called Out of the Blue. Which was really cool cause 1) he actually has guest that come on and talk to him and PS if you would like to join me I would be happy to have you *hint hint wink wink* shot me an email 2) he's famous y'all . You can subscribe on Itunes or head over here to the actual web link. 

In other nerd related news which I am confident most of you already know about they released yet another trailer for the Star Wars movie coming out. (the podcast has more of a rant about teaser trailers and how they annoy me)

Which from what I gather everyone is all a twitter about the whole Harrison Ford scene at the end of the teaser where he says "Chewie we're home" and the crowd goes wild. Now I know we are throwing stones from the above nerd news so let's go ahead and pick up the boulders cause here's a big 'em for ya. I don't like Star Wars *ducks* look I never got into it but I promised a friend (here we go again with these damn challenges yo) that I would at least give them another go to see if I could "grow into the or let them grow on me" before Christmas. We shall see any who all your Star Wars nuts go at it and have a blast!

Moving on to the PROJECTS (and not the kind you live in although I've been there done that)

This week I started The 100 Day Project or was that last week? Must have been last week because I am on day 11 so last week I started this project (man being a week off is killing me) basically we were challenged (again with a challenge I can't pass it up it's like crack man crack I tell ya) to pick something to do for 100 days

 Basically what would you do for 100 days of making. I chose to do 100 days of letters to me. Letters to encourage me, lift me up or just keep it real to myself. Thus far it has been interesting. I have done letters that have ranged from sweet and simple to, hopes and dreams, and loving the moment that I'm in. Eventually the goal will be to hit harder topics such as always pleasing people, and being more confident etc. needless to say this has been a fantastic and fun idea. Granted I'm only day 11 in and while it has been fun I admit that by Day 8 remembering to do it was a drag and I had to push through with so many other obligations weighing at me. Yet when I finally sat down to write the letter I found some comfort and peace doing it. Also I can't wait to go back when I'm done and re-read all these letters. 

You can follow my progress on my Instagram it is a private setting so just add I also post it on Twitter

Well good news or bad news your pick:
Still working on

Death in Paradise still loving it and really really enjoying it after a stressful day at work and let me tell you this week has been a literal week from hell. No movies this week. However I am hoping to do a comparison to:

The book and movie to see how I liked them since I finally finished the book and I would like to do the same eventually with The Imitation Game but that is a very long book and we know how long it took to read a much smaller book so we shall see what comes of it. 

This is a nice transition into BOOKS

Although I enjoyed Ender's Game I don't think it will be a keeper for me. That being said I will be keeping 

This is hands down one of my all time favorite series the Harry Dresden Series by Jim Butcher I have read every single one of his books at least once if not 4 or 5 times. I am now going back and listening to them all on audio book format just to get more information from them. This particular book is one of my favorites because it introduces us to the world and to our main character Harry Dresden Storm Front is rough around the edges but is the only spot to jump off in when starting this series. So much hinges on this book and so much of the world Mr. Butcher continues to create and build starts from this story and grows further and further from here. You can check out my review here and see other reviews linked up from the series as well. I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in wizards, fairies, magic, vampires, werewolves, ghost, angels, demons, and mysteries.

I know I know we skipped MUSIC 

this week I am going to suggest a country song (shocking I know but I just can't get it out of my head) and a Bollywood song b/c hey I love me some Bollywood. Let's start with the country

This is I See You by Luke Bryant it is not the Official Music Video but it does have lyrics so enjoy

Alright this is Badtameez Dil by Benny Dayal & Shefali Alvaris a song that takes me back to my time in India I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while I was over there. 

Alright last but not least your favorite part or maybe not but it is mine our favorite ACTOR OR ACTRESS and this week's WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER GOES TO:  RUSSELL WONG from Vanishing Son and Joy Luck Club (why no reason other then a friend and I were talking about Vanishing Son the other day and how much we miss that show and wish that show could come back and boom there you go our favorite actor of the week nomination goes to Russell Wong from Vanishing Son clip at the bottom)

Here's your Vanishing Son's Clip for your enjoyment!

Alright boys and girls that's it for this week's favorite things. I would love to hear from you and what your favorite things are. Please feel free to leave a comment on some of your favorite items here below or come over to Twitter and let me know your thoughts. You can also join me on the dark side at Tumblr

Have a great week see ya next time!

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