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Review ~ Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy

TITLE: Beneath the Thirteen Moons

AUTHOR: Kathryne Kennedy
COPYRIGHT: re-release 12/7/2010 original: 12/5/2003
TYPE: Fantasy/Romance
PAGES: 384

REASON FOR READ: Sourcebook sent me an ARC to review

SUMMARY (from Goodreads):
Kathryne Kennedy's award-winning first book, now available for the first time to the trade market, features a magical, watery world in which mammoth trees grow up from the ocean floor, supporting all life within their canopy. In spite of the beauty and abundance, the world is harshly divided into two classes: pampered royalty and struggling have-nots. In search of a Healer for her swampland village, smuggler Mahri Zin inadvertently kidnaps the heir to the throne, Korl Com'nder. As the two become lovers, they discover that not only are their fates intertwined, but the very survival of their peoples depends on them...

I was mixed on this book while I loved the world building, the rules, the magic, the creation of plant life and creatures. I didn't enjoy the H/H I thought they were immature, rude, and complained a lot. I was okay with buying into the whole mating thing but after awhile I even grew frustrated with that.
- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the world building it was awesome and inspiring. To create a world with 13 moons where the people either live in the swamp (poor class) or in the trees (rich class). She even went so far to create different looks and different amounts of power based on gentics. It was just awesome to read just the ecosystem alone she created would keep anyone interested. To create a world with 13 moons where the people either live in the swamp (poor class) or in the trees (rich class). She even went so far to create different looks and different amounts of power based on gentics.Then add to magical/power the people have through root they chew and you have a fantastic world that you either want to live in or visit.
- Jaja the pet who chose to live with Mahri is wonderful makes me want to have an animal that is more intelligent then me but still loves to be with me.
-I did enjoy the fact that even though Mahri had to be independent that she was willing to give all of that up in order to save her niece I think that spoke very highly of Mahri.

- I hated the whole "I hate you so I am going to constantly tell you that you won't like me b/c I'm just a river rat and I will resent you for thinking that but everytime you look at me I want to rip my clothes off and make mad passionate love to you" The sad part is I actually understood the rip your clothes off but I hated how long Mahri kept going on and on about hating the Prince b/c he was a Prince she didn't even try to get to know him.
- I also didn't get the whole immature act I felt that Mahri gave us. For being a powerful magical person who has lost a loved one and son she just seemed to carry herself in the oh I am happy to be free but guilty for feeling that way but hate Korl but I love him and why is everyone making me do something I don't want to do...

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Because I loved the world building I will be keeping this book.

Would you recommend this book? This book is classified as a paranormal romance but I see it more as a fantasy romance. Either way I would recommend it if you are looking for a wonderful world with some romance.

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