Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick review ~ Tempt Me with Darkness by Shayla Black

Title: Tempt Me with Darknessw
Author: Shayla Black
Type: Paranormal Romance?/Urban Fantasy Romance... or a mix up to you
Published: 8/26/2008 (Shit maybe the others are out I might have to find out...)
Pages: 359
Format: Ebook
Ever read her before: Nope this was my first one

Reason for reading: Pocket After Dark had it as a free read 

While not the best book I've read all year it isn't the worst and my interest is peaked if there should happen to be another. The problem I had was the accent that the Hero had. OMG I wanted to strangle him half the time the other half when spoke without the accent I loved him. Example: 'Twould be more accurate to ask why I could achieve it with you methinks. The answer is, I know not. pg 113 SERIOUSLY? but then your normal later on.

The only other issue is Oliva's acceptance of magic was pretty smooth and easy. NOT SO MUCH if it happened to me. While I would love to be magically there is no way in hell I would be cool with it that fast. Nor would I believe I was just b/c the guy who I believe raped me even though he didn't said I was...
PS to clear it up there was NO RAPE scene that was witnessed or experienced that we had to read through. There is a rape but in a it happened by the bad guy we just learn about it afterward...er... well actually we know its going to happen but anyway different story and kind of important to the story so I won't go there.
Either way I enjoyed it enough to pick up the next in the series especially if the next deals with Bram

And there you go a quickie review from me on an ebook.

Edited note: Apparently this is a series and there are 4 total with the 5th coming out...
Fated #1.5 ~ Ronin and Kari's story (no idea who they are)
Seduce Me in the Shadow #2 ~ Caden and Sydney's story
Possess Me at Midnight #3 ~ Ice and Sabelle's story (OMG I might have to get this one I love Sabelle!)
Entice Me at Twilight #4 ~ Duke and Felicia's story (no clue who Felicia is but I heart Duke)
Embrace Me at Daw #5 ~ Lucan and Anka's Story (since they are already mated in the first book I think this is a prequel...)

No idea when Bram gets his story to which I am very upset *pouts* but I guess I should pay more attention to future releases!

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