Friday, January 29, 2010

DIK Review :)

I have to admit that when reading the first 2 in this series I really didn't pay that much attention to Poppy and I now regret that. What a wonderful heroine she turned out to be! I loved her story. She just turned out to be one of those characters you can't help but love. Even when she was wrong or wronged she still maintained a calm around her.

The hero was good and I love that Kleypas always makes them both say their sorry for acting a certain way! Especially in this situation where both were at fault. The background story and the twist involving Marks was wonderful.

If I had to give one complaint about this story it would be all the back story that she kept giving us. I understand that some people will just pick up this book and not have read the story but seriously I don't think its needed we would have been fine without it even if we hadn't read the entire series.

I did love that the original wallflowers were not mentioned this time it was solely based on the Hathaways
Can't wait for Leo's story!

Has anyone else read this story? What did you think?

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