Thursday, December 27, 2018


We covered C dramas yesterday so now I am moving on to Kdramas because while mentally I know there is a difference as an American it took looking things up to figure out who was who and why they weren't in my other dramas. I am now feeling stupid but more aware. I have noticed I tend to watch the modern stories of Kdramas and more of the ancient storylines of CDramas so go figure. So for my first Kdrama I started with 

Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life) I couldn't find an official trailer so here's the music video 

So seriously I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show.. so let me just state I have watched it 3 times and I finally just ended up buying the DVDS because why not and this gives me to the reason to force others to watch it too. The main premise is the whole story revolves around the lives of convicts behind bars, their families and duty officers working in the correctional facilities. A superstar baseball pitcher, Kim Je-hyuk, is convicted of assault after he saves his sister from a sexual attack

So after that I was like well we have to see what else Netflix offers in Kdrama stuff and I stumbled across meteor garden 2018 

And honestly I had very mixed thoughts about this one. That being said I am not familiar with the original one. So it was a okay one for me not one that I was like EVERY ONE should see. So I moved on to 
Accidently In Love 
This one was a little bit better but still I struggled with it and didn't have the same love I had with Prison Playbook. 

So I tried yet another one called Black and I only got to episode 2 because it was so dark...

Then I moved on to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which I thought would be a comedy turns out it has a little Criminal Minds in it. 

So now I am in the middle of two shows and craving one like Prison Playbook so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

I really want to watch Heartless city with my new boo Jung Kyung-ho but I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions? 

What kdramas do you watch? Where do you watch them? What kind are your favorites? 

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