Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Librarian Series

3 Movies:
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear                             2004
                         Return to King Solomon's Mines      2006
                         Curse of the Judas Chalice                2008

And now the TV series/show airing on TNT

Main Star and the actual Librarian is: Noah Wyle (better known for Falling Skies, ER, Donnie Darko)

Synopsis: Flynn Carsen a "Professional Student" who has 22 degrees and has never held a real job. He currently lives with his mother and goes to school. His mother constantly attempts to set him up with women including his 3rd cousin. Flynn gets an invitation to interview at the Metropolitan Public Library for a librarian position. He is hired and brought into a fantastical world where Pandora's Box is real and so is the sword Excalibur. This particular library has been the protection of such artifacts for centuries. Flynn is now the new librarian and his first mission includes protecting the spear of destiny by translating a language that has never been translated, crossing through jungles, fighting off bad guys, and hiking up mountains. All of this with little to no information on what he is up against or what his actual job is. Add to it he also has to keep it all a secret and before this mission he had never even left the city.

Flynn gets some love from a very tough female who is to protect him (cause hey who doesn't love a nerd). Then she is out of the picture by the time the next movie comes along which features a new love interest (you might know her as Fiona on Burn Notice I kept expecting Michael Weston to show up and kick some butt) for Flynn and someone who is actually a little bit smarter then he is she has 25 degrees. Now he has been the Librarian for a year and we learn that this movie will show us a bit about his heritage while at the same time helping us to learn about the "myth" of King Solomon's Mine and the masons. We learn of an Uncle Jerry and well some pretty tough bad guys. It is Flynn this time that doesn't need help and is able to wrap up the case and still lose the girl in under 2 hours.

By the time Flynn has been at the library for a while and is sent to bid on a vase that acutally has a Harry Potter reference which I heart he is in a sword fight has a girlfriend and discover Dracula what could be more exciting. During this time a vampire kidnaps people who can help him find Judas Chalice which will help him raise an undead army cause who doesn't want one of those. During the mystery he runs into a beautiful singer (also known as Beckett from Castle) with a horrible accent I might add sorry but I didn't enjoy it. Anywho she turns out to be the guardian of the first marker. The new girl turns out to have more secrets of her own which in the end well I won't tell you but needless to say is a nice twist but didn't take long to figure out. Flynn at the end of it all resigns himself to finish his mission and quest...

I have to say I did enjoy the movies and I also enjoyed Flynn and his character. He did grow in each movie and that is refreshing. I like his quick wit and the movies are easy and enjoyable to watch. I don't need a lot of romance in my movies but these were okay and I think Solomon's Mine was my favorite of the lot which is not normally the case for a 2nd movie in a series. I am looking forward to seeing where they take this as a TV show and if they can keep it going in the same manner as the movie as well as making fun of itself a little.

And now that leads us to the newest spin on the Librarian series which stars tonight and I have to say I am totally stoked about.

So have you seen the movies? Are you excited for the show tonight? What did you like the best or worse of it? 

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