Monday, November 20, 2017

If I could only watch 5 movies

How does one pick a favorite movie let alone a top five? Does picking only one make it easier or harder?
Earlier this week I was asked if you had to pick 5 movies to watch the rest of my life which 5 would I pick and why? Seriously?! Who does that? Can you actually only pick 5 movies to watch for the rest of your life? And if you had to pick only 5 movies how in the world would you go around picking those 5 movies and how would you narrow that down?

So then I was stuck with the sad job of deciding which 5 movies would I take on a desert island situation and how I would narrow down the movie selections to the top 5. So the next thing I had to determine what categories I pick from do pick from genres or is this ALL movies? Apparently it is ALL movies (NOOOOOOOOO) so that didn’t help.

Then I had to determine do you pick based off a movie that made you laugh (Galaxy Quest, Pineapple Express, Hangover, or Shaun of the Dead), cry (Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Notebook, 12 Years A Slave), something that invokes a reaction from you (Hidden Figures, American History X, Clockwork Orange, Shawshank Redemption)? Do you pick the movie you still talk about or how about the movie that makes you start a conversation (Enemy of the State, Rear Window, Zodiac, Eagle Eye)? Do you pick a movie that has taught you a life lesson or made you read the book (Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Harry Potter series, or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Braveheart, again Forest Gump)? Or perhaps it is the movie that made you go “that’s not at all like the book!” “The book is better!” (I won’t even go there with this)Do you pick the movie you quote the most from (Hot Fuzz, Hitchhiker’s Guide from the Galaxy, Princess Bride, Friday, Monty Python and the Holy Grail)? Or do you go with the movie that you can relate to the most and if you do pick that one does that change during your life (Angry Birds anyone)?
And to be honest how do you narrow down from all of those plus The Mummy, Jurassic Park (all of them), Clue and or Murder by Death? Not to mention all of the great movies that were mentioned by everyone when I asked on Twitter and Facebook. All were very helpful in reminding me of movies that I needed to add to my list.
This is what I narrowed it down to as my top 5 choices and might I add it was hard (really really freaking hard)

1) Jurassic Park - One or all of the movies I could seriously watch these over and over and over and  as a matter of fact I did when I was in India for 6 months :) It is a fantastic movie, great quotes, fantastic theme (don't play God) (respect nature) and great eye candy ;) I love them all and can't wait for the 5th one to come out.

2) Galaxy Quest - This movie is just funny it has a lot of great quotes, it makes me laugh and it is just flat out hysterical. I love it with all my whole heart. Whenever I am sad I go to this movie and it makes me laugh and makes me happy. I just love to quote it and I love to laugh along with it. "Do you think they are the miners?" "Oh yeah sure they're like 2" "Not minors, miners" "You lost me?" Gawd I love this movie seriously I'm laughing why I typed that.

3) Forrest Gump - There are just a lot of great lessons in this movie, putting the past behind you, be a good person, expect the unexpected (box of chocolates) love and accept anyone for who they are, don't hold grudges, be present, learn to appreciate what you have, keep your promises, be a good person. Gawd this movie just is fantastic, other then the running bit I have to say I just love this movie it has so many great things going on. I especially like the lesson don't give up on love. He breaks my heart with Jenny but my gawd I love this movie it makes me want to be a Forrest or have one. The part the breaks my heart is when Forrest discovers he has a son and asks "Is he smart or is he like me?" Geez stick a knife in my heart I cry like a little child all the freaking time.

4) Clue - "Long Story short" "Too late!" This is one of those movies that I just can't stop watching over and over and over. Even though I have seen every ending that they have. I love the comedic timing and I love the one liners and hell I even love the plot. The movie is fast paced and the zingers come like no other. I can't help but watch it every other month or so because hey why not.

5) LOTR's - Yes this is cheating I know that there are actually 3 of these movies and then the Hobbit spin off but I will only pick the original 3 movies. I thoroughly enjoy these movies and every Christmas I watch this trilogy with my mom and it is a wonderful tradition that we do together. You can see my thoughts on LOTRs here.

Runner ups per Twitter (movies that got triggered due to Twitter or just some great movies that were brought up due to friends on Twitter)

1. Angry Birds -  When I stumbled upon this gem I can't help but really relate to it. I am the angry bird. I am RED which is sad cause I always wanted to be Chuck but sadly I am Red which is fine because hey he is the winner winner chicken dinner which now that I typed that sounds really bad but alas he is the main character and it is about an angry bird that saves the day and learns to deal with some of his anger issues but man I can seriously watch this movie all day every day and I think I have watched it at least once a week since it came out. Definitely a gem I am glad I stumbled across.
2. Indiana Jones
3.Harry Potter
4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
5. Captain America
6. Aliens
7. Much Ado About Nothing
8. Roman Holiday
9. The Mummy
10. Independence Day
11. Wonder Woman
12. Mulan
13. Wall-E

Needless to say I may end up having to take a jump drive, usb and or extra everything in order to survive a desert island then again if I am ever on said island watching movies is probably going to be pretty low on my list of things I need to accomplish at the moment.

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