Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Musings

So life has been odd around here and I didn't get a chance to do Sunday Ramblings so I thought I would throw in a Monday Musing as I just finished a book and need some process time and have nothing else to post until the blog tour happening on Wednesday.

last week was crazy busy. I went out of town for a work training to return to me conducting training at work and catching up on projects and then poof magically I had a day off on Friday so what did I do? I wasted it in bed, with TV and do basically nothing. So that by Saturday I was running like crazy to clean and organizing somethings (I'm still doing the does it bring you joy book) progress is still undecided. I made a lot of phone calls on Friday so I feel like I at least accomplished a lot in that direction and yet it feels like nothing got done. The thing about phone calls is, if no one calls you back you really don't resolve anything do you?

I think worked on other projects around here and mom came over for dinner only to discover our neighbors dog escaped again (don't ask we live in an apartment that is locked) it was injured and the neighbor didn't answer the door. So I kept the little bugger which in fact made my 98 lbs bugger go ape crap so Ma had to take my baby home. Needless to say by 7am after a night of continuous whimpering and whiny I called animal control since we have a no kill shelter. Hopefully the guy will take better care of her or she will find a better home.

It did remind me tho of this little angel and when she did the same thing over and over and over. So glad we are pass that stage and she is a mature adult... at times. Needless to say we are a one dog house apparently.

I did finish 2 books this last week YEAH ME!!! So I will be reviewing them at some point.

Otherwise that is all that is new with me. What's new in your world? Anything I should know or be aware of?

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