Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Album Review ~ Casey Abrams

Title: Casey Abrams
Artist: Casey Abrams

Released: 2012

1. Simple Life
2. Ghost
3. Get Out
4. Great Bright Morning
5. Blame It On Me
6. Wore Out My Soul
7. Stuck in London
8. Midnight Girl
9. A Boy Can Dream
10. Dry Spell
11. Hit the Road Jack

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Price: $9.49

Thoughts on Album:
This album reminds me of summer. It makes me want to get a picnic together to sit out in the sun and listen to these jams. This artist has a simple lyrics with easy rhythm and bongos so that right there makes me want a cold drink and sun. He was a contestant on American Idol and this was the result of his first debut album. As a first time album it isn't bad. It's a happy uplifting remake of a favorite  song of mine, Hit the Road Jack which he did fine with. He tends to lean very acoustic on this album. Lots of guitar, hand clapping, and simple piano in the background. Even his "slow songs" or songs you would think would be sad and slow still tend to go towards the positive upbeat measures. Nothing to really make you want to relax and chill just listening to him. He reminds me of almost wanting to be a mix of island music, but unable to really pull it off. His lyrics just don't quite get you there.

Favorite Track(s)
1. Simple Life
2.Hit the Road Jack

Grade: C

Would I recommend: I recommend it for those moments that you are looking for upbeat music that makes you happy and want to do things outdoors or just listen to simple music that feels good. It's not an album that I want to listen to all the time. That being said I don't regret listening to it.

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