Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Follow up on 35 things to do before 36

35 things to do before turning 36
1. Read 52 books this year
Alright the year is over and I read 22 books in 2016

2. Read the Bible this year
Working my way through Exodus

3. continue to pay down my credit card every month
Yeah no this didn't happen

4. Make a project from Pintrest
I sort of did and now I'm not sure that I want to ever again.

5. Read a classic book all the way through (not just audio but actually read it)  - yeah next year though

6. Go abroad - nope

7. Attend a live play, ballet, symphony or opera - well I didn't attend a live one I did however see some in the theater

8. Learn to be grateful and positive every day (find something to be thankful and positive about the day) - still working on it but getting better

9. Visit some local places around (road trip) - Well I did go to certain places like New Orleans, Philly, Washington DC, Ohio, 

10. Attend a book reading or art gallery or a book signing - I did join a book club!!

11. Do and finish the JJ Virgin diet - 
I did this and found out that I am intolerant to gluten and soy but boy howdy put them together and I am down for the count. It has been interesting. 

12. Go on a date
uh no

13. Write a letter to yourself something deep and personal to be read in 10 years - This hasn't happened but I did write down thoughts for 100 days!

14.  Go to the zoo - No didn't do this

15. See Chris Evans, David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Benedick Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman (if possible)
I have seen Chris Evans back in NOLA in January
I will see David Tennant and Matt Smith in St Louis and NYC in April
Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston in June

16. Make my own bread (healthy kind) - nope

17. See an opera (via movie theater) see a ballet - almost not quite

18. Have a heart-pumping adventure like skydiving or white water rafting - no I walked all of Philly though by myself

19. Get another tattoo - no

20. Attend a festival - sadly no this is on my bucket list

21.  Learn how to make a gif - not yet

22. Explore more local libraries - need to get a card first

23. Stargaze or go to a planetarium - not this year as of yet

24. Go 24 hours without technology of any kind - I managed 1 day to do this

25. Write in my journal at least once a week and work my way up to daily.
I have been managing to do this by using a bullet journal which is awesome then I fell off the habbit

26. Do an escape room or scavenger hunt - still want to but no luck

27. laugh more learn how to loosen up and joke more - I joined Snapchat so this helped

28. Cook a recipe from a cookbook weekly or at least 2 a month. - not that often 

29. Learn a new makeup trick and hair style

30. Do my hair 2 days a week
I have been doing my hair everyday except this week

31. Try something new - walked all over Philly 

32. Go to a drive in movie theater - I did not do this

33. Get a real bed with a frame and new mattress
BOOM BABY did this!!

34. Quit a bad habit
I haven't drank a soda since mid January and I am very happy about that and then I started drinking soda again :(

35. Work out - well no

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