Sunday, February 7, 2016

J J Virgin Diet - What?!?

So yeah I'm doing it...
You have to give up 7 items

Which is very hard b/c I hate to break this to you but everything pre-packaged has soy in it including some teas...

Started week 1 January 25th
The first week I did shakes for breakfast and lunch with protein and vegetables for dinner and 1 snack

Week 2  February 1st
Shakes for breakfast, lunch has been protein and vegetables same for dinner with 1 snack.

After 2nd week (and in 1 month) I have lost 15 lbs.

Shakes that I love!!

Peach berry almond smoothie
chocolate almond smoothie
chocolate blueberry
rise and shine smoothie
strawberry chocolate protein smoothie

Was super uber rough the first week. I craved cheese like no other. Was angry at anyone eating real food. Had bad headaches and was angry. Second week, was doing much better. My joints feel better, don't crave as much was able to go out to dinner without missing cheese or other things. Sleeping better and able to do more things. More energy etc.

So far I would recommend it. 

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