Sunday, September 28, 2014

I did it I finally caved and started listening to great suggestions

And began my audio book journey down the rabbit hole if you will. For a living I drive (a lot) I am a case manager so there are some days I am in the care 4 to 5 hours and others when I am in the car 5 minutes. So I need something different to do than listen to the same top 40s or older music sound list on repeat. Even my music on Ipod (which sadly I have lost) tends to get old real quick. After listening to fellow case managers talking about how they kill time in the car I came to realize that what I need is to try an audio book.

Now I've heard the horror stories and the wonder stories of audio books. I've listen to both sides and I admit I'd rather read a book than listen to someone read it to me (personal thing I tend to skim books while others read word for word). So I thought well what do you have to loose...

First up I listened to

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
I have to say was very interesting and a book I have been wanting to read but haven't had time for a while now. However, that being said it was also a very dry read mainly due to content but also due to the reader who was reading it in a variety of accents that kind of threw me off.

The content was deep and talked a lot about very hard stuff (after all Mr. Frankl was in a concentration camp for being a Jew during WWII b/c of his experience he developed his own form of therapy). So the content might have been too heavy to attempt to listen to on the hour journey of going to visit a client.

Currently I am listening to 11/22/63 by Stephen King.
Why? I am not sure. I do not like Stephen King (mainly b/c horror scares the absolute crap out of me). Also because he is so descriptive that I tend to get bored when reading and skim way more of the material than needed. However, With this particular book I have been hooked. Even going so far as to listen to it while at home and finding a CD player to continue listening to it.  Needless to say it is blowing my mind. The only down side to it is I am on Disc 12 out of 30 and it feels as if I shall never finish this book.

So that leaves me with questions? Do you read audio books (or rather listen to them?) do you like them? If so what ones do you suggestion? Obviously 30 discs is a lot and I am hoping to be able to finish it without loosing interest but do you know of any I just HAVE TO READ or LISTEN TO? Where do you go to get your audio books? Thus far I have been checking my out from the library due to the shear fact I probably will never listen to them again or read them. Do you keep audio books like you do regular books?

Anywho any suggestions, tips or ideas always appreciated. 

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